my little station to see Bobo beauty nets before also put on the GG advertising, but less than half a month was GG refused, really puzzled, there are more than 80 knives in the account. No way, this can not complain GG, is my violation of the GG advertising rules, find their own. Repeated analysis and some relatively large site traffic still hung pictures of the GG site, I found the secret, 2 site picture site, which are filled with beautiful pictures, the difference is that the station I picture page name made too SEX.

the reason has been found, and now what you want to do is try to go to the website at night.

: the first Baidu, a popular keywords associated with the beauty of the Google, see what keywords are the search giant screen, once informed of the violation of the law, while omitting the relevant page words, that these words do not update the content in the future is good, even if the keyword search frequency is very high, but how is your site search, or can not be to search. That kind of blocked keyword use too much, may be search website hair or even K station.

second: the image of the site that a few beauty limited plate to plate, you can add some scenic section, add the picture that will match the GG keyword to tourism key up, why should we do this? Because there’s a tour of the GG advertisement price is still relatively high. In addition, increasing Xiangche plate, let more car related keywords and website. I believe we all understand, car keyword GG advertising is very high. (note) it’s better not to revise your website framework, but you’d better think before you do it.


third: attract visitors to your pictures and you can send some pure beauties with your station watermark to the following big forums. Need to mention is not to temporarily increase visitors, send those very beautiful picture leakage, oh, that is just do useless work, because you will be deleted on the hair Oh,


well, that’s all. Just throw a brick, hope other webmaster together to discuss, improve the site traffic, improve the IP conversion rate of the problem.

if you need to reprint, please note the source to see Bobo beauty net

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