last year, very yellow, very violent, crazy, and then. The other 08 spring million people watched it pornographic. Search every day for another surprise. And a lot of rubbish stationmaster also takes advantage of this opportunity to pull flow. Just for a few days, there are 8495 themes and 619283 postings in this article. One can imagine what netizens are concerned about. But, stick to the post,%90 is a lie, know what is deceptive? And hair thing basic is website webmaster. But it does not have the main bar, will not delete your post, so it is the webmaster in it, "top post struggle."". Ha ha, also has many stationmaster to start own keyword discovery journey, but has not thought, the pornographic picture gate event development is steadily soaring. Day by day. And behind the scenes, there is a growing trend. From time to time to send pornographic photos. Attract netizens eyeball. is a good example. And waiting for LJ webmaster is cruel flow war.

What did

say? Here, I tested it specially yesterday. Fun mentality posted a post in the post, as to what content?. Please do not ask me, children should not. Very pornographic, very violent。 Leaving only the address of my blog. And you must always press the post, the competition is too fierce, just refresh the time, you can row to the latter three pages, probably half an hour. Here comes the effect. Other differences. Blog even soared 3000IP, 3000IP what is the concept of small Adsense can be said to be in envy. Of course, if you are a webmaster, please do not make a noise, I am ashamed. Although IP is coming, but basically invalid IP, they won’t come second times. But one thing, as long as you’re a normal person, and if you like what I’m blogging about, won’t you add a collection? Today, I’ve read statistics, in yesterday’s 3000IP visitors. There were more than 70 visits. Do you know what the reason is? They like celebrities and pornographic photos. It doesn’t mean they’re not interested in other things. Psychological problems; absolute psychological problems. But I think I was successful. Although it’s a NetEase blog.

is now a few popular keywords, keyword pornographic has also been station gun to LJ station, if you want to do a keyword, fool all know to do keyword phrases. But what’s the key word for this phrase? Imagine, if you want to see that kind of picture, what would you call Baidu? OK, just feel it. Do more, observe more. This is a must. But the phrase keyword competition is also big. But can you do it in front, that depends on your skills. If you want to do pornographic photos. These three words, that is also possible, that only can explain you really cow × is I also will not do, without that technology, waste of time, is not it?. A key phrase about pornographic pictures might surprise you.

Baidu is really powerful, and also acts as a sinner in the pornographic incident. A lot of people would say, "without Baidu, I still live.". In this way, we are all acceptable. Ask, "are you >?"

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