said, straight into the theme.

1: domain name selection

domain name choice of the time should not be too long, the best remained in six place, because the domain name is too long to make visitors in a short period of time will remember your name, when the next time you want to access to search, and if the website is not very good, visitors may choose other websites. What is the domain name in the choice of when not to use minus or underline, one is for the rookie level visitors input is more troublesome. Then, it is best to use the domain name to catchy choice, if you can use Jianpin then try to use jianpin.

2: the choice of space

on the choice of space is more nerve racking, there are many webmaster in the choice of space can be regarded as painstaking, one is the stability of space, two is the speed of space access. Space stability requires long-term observation, and if space can be tested best, if not, ask customer service for a client site for a period of observation. The access speed for network operators in the Chinese, selected in space is the best use of the double space, because whether visitors or their management will not have too much problem, if you use a single, visitors may visit because of too slow down. For example: if you are a Netcom user, in order to take care of visitors to choose the telecommunications space, and for Netcom users, access to the site will be very slow (including your own management of the site). On the other hand, since it is possible to choose the dual space as much as possible to use the dual space, and the dual space in the choice of a BGP line or double IP line, this is better.

3: program selection

for old Adsense program does not have what problem, but for the novice on the selection process as far as possible the use of mature CMS, if it is business users for energizer avoid the development of a separate program, because now the basic function are all, if someone to develop, not only can not guarantee the safety of the program is even because developers the ability of website is delayed.

4: page layout and search optimization

used in the layout of the page as far as possible not to challenge the user, if the user in the use of already formed a habit, but your design will change the user’s habits, the user is because they can not find related operations and complain about lack of humanization and website to abandon the site. Note: "user first" is the first step to a successful website.

search optimization, many webmaster in some website just on the line on the website of the optimization, if the site is not included in the number of the optimization of the website search engine will probably not friendly to the site, thus affecting the site included. The best search engines are steadily optimized after they are included. As some SEO predecessors say, website optimization is urgent.

5: Web site >

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