news site webmasters may think it is not good to do, for the content of this one is a very troublesome thing, but in fact news websites, the most difficult part is the core content of this one, but just looking for some methods, was able to find some effective methods such as the content of the construction. Through the acquisition of pseudo original, can quickly fill their own content, and now a lot of built-in templates have been equipped with a considerable scale of content, dispense with the content of the construction of early pain.

may have many webmaster think this method of the contents of the construction is not reliable, news content on the Internet with a large amount of similar content, may lead to Baidu search engine antipathy, even blocked your website, which many so-called experts will teach people how to engage the original content of high quality, I think this is Overgeneralization point, in the website construction, should be in the shortest time, it paved, and then every day to the high quality of the original, to enhance the site’s attention, this is the correct operation of the road.

content based, innovative user experience

news website, one of the most basic requirement is to have efficiency, we may not like making a handicraft, are carefully crafted for each content, time is not allowed, so we should enhance the content of user experience, have innovation in an effective way, the author found a a method can mobilize the active participation by users, rely on the strength of the masses to improve the user experience of the website.

as we run some health information websites, then we can set up a test section, in this section, add some test items, like the popular psychological test, heart block test, mobilize the enthusiasm of users, and in the test before, require the user to fill in some of these test conditions. Conditions often can become the high quality content for your site, but also through a variety of test play, can also increase the viscosity of the site, enhance the user loyalty.

also as quickly as possible to follow the current hot topic, this can be achieved by Baidu billboard, at the same time for the new event, new information update, the best use of pictures, which is different from other information websites, but also increase their own website experience, after all, and with pictures, can let the news read less mouthful, feel very dry, with pictures obviously make content more fullness.

aims at making money and innovative profit model

information website with rich content, super multi flow, although the flow is not a lot of loyal flow, but because many methods we can think of a way to innovation, Facebook is now holding a lot of traffic, but it has not a good profit model innovation and suffered criticism, in order to avoid a repeat of profit the mistake of Facebook, we can rely on their own.

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