October 21st, Admin5 station network news October 20th evening news, Sina micro-blog search page independent s.weibo.com quietly on the line, analysts say the move may mean that the advent of the era of micro search. However, it was only a short time ago that the two domain name was accessed to the original search page of micro-blog rather than the independent search page of the previous screenshots. Insiders speculated that, at present, Sina, micro-blog independent search is still in beta stage, many functions have not been perfect, ordinary users can not access. Although Sina micro-blog independent search page is still "partly veiled", did not reveal the true capacity, but can be expected, today has entered the era of micro search, micro-blog search behind the massive content value is a step by step out.

micro-blog search has become a habit,


now, with the maturity of sina, Tencent, Sohu and micro-blog, the social network has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Social networking sites are becoming the most user stickiness of Internet products after IM chat software and forum communities. At the micro-blog developer conference held by Sina micro-blog last year, data show that sina and micro-blog already have more than 10000 cooperative sites and a large number of mature applications. The average monthly increase of 10 million users, micro-blog released more than 2 billion cumulative number. And this year, Sina, micro-blog related data is also sustained growth, its open concept, social relations generated massive content, it really brings a revolutionary change in the lives of Internet users. Several other micro-blog products are also growing rapidly. Micro-blog has apparently become users of the standard, after the Admin5 webmaster network and Internet entrepreneurs Club jointly organized the 2011 Jiangsu province Internet webmaster general assembly, had guest speakers said, now the webmaster and Internet users, micro-blog has not play out. And now, no, micro-blog search shows that you don’t really know how to play micro-blog. Micro-blog massive content and openness, allowing users to get some search engines difficult to search for information, more accurate to meet the information needs of Internet users. In the search engine to obtain information at the same time, micro-blog search is also becoming a habit, affecting the lives of Internet users and webmasters.

will become the "Baidu" and "Google" enemies


indeed, whether it is in front of the computer, or on the way to work, subway, bus, hotel, you can see a lot of people with a mobile phone or tablet computer brush micro-blog, no matter how much your level of understanding of the Internet, you have to sign up for a micro-blog, so it seems like a netizen. While changing micro-blog’s life, micro-blog search is also gradually changing the search habits of Internet users. Previously wanted to obtain information, the first thought is site navigation, through web site navigation, retrieval sites, and then access information through the web site. After the search technology matures, search engines have replaced site navigation, becoming the first big entrance to the internet. Baidu, you know, what a familiar slogan it used to be. Now, the search engine has a solid entrance position, and the search function is further strengthened. But micro-blog search >

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