we grow in this network in the world, we have the dream of changing the world, I believe many people like me, dream of great ideals could go through the website communication, let the world know. It is still a long way, we only need to make more efforts. But as a new hand, how can we do a good job on the website? What kind of psychological qualities and professional qualities do we need to be able to do a website?. Today, let’s discuss it together.

In fact, many webmaster

is left, or self-study, or follow the master mix, no matter how they are with a firm and indomitable heart, I am also not in the website before, do not know what the people, even the most basic HTML language cannot read. But I always feel that the Internet will change the way people live. Looking at the code at first was a real headache. It’s hard work.

, this is a process, everyone must be webmaster friends need to go through. Do not know how to read more books, or to the forum to see how others learn, and more exchanges are conducive to progress. Such as webmaster Encyclopedia (www.zzbaike.com), Admin5 such programming forum, I often go. We summarize is it will make you wise remark of an experienced person, many detours in the learning process. I saw it further because I stood on the shoulders of giants.

had seen an article, said to be a programmer to interview, the boss asked him what is the purpose of the site, he is from the international situation, the economic and political situation in China, with a lot of seemingly very professional, which is also in place, the final boss sent him a word: do the site’s purpose is to make money! Yes, we need to understand what we do is the purpose of this site, have to have a goal. This is the novice should clear up, not because of doing website and site, but also must think of the future development of the website and profit model.

maybe for the novice started the whole functional, well funded website is not easy, in fact, there are a lot of source for us to choose, novice webmaster can use, such as shopping category shopex ecshop. In the webmaster encyclopedia, not only active procedures, but also a large number of enthusiastic users free of charge issued by the official fee templates, the effect is good.

good operation, but also understand the basic knowledge of seo. Want to do the website, try not to do garbage station, such a station to do, will only let you waste youth. You should use your website as your child, do it wholeheartedly, accumulate bit by bit, and make more friends, as they learn from experience.

don’t be impatient, no one can beat a fat man out. Step by step, I believe that before long, you will become a Chizha network influential man.

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