hundreds of millions of Internet users in China, no matter for any business, is not a small temptation, let alone this figure is still increasing at a very alarming rate. If the concept of electronic commerce or investment company two years ago stir today, online trading has become a real business behavior. China change speed is too fast, today the development of e-commerce and so, the day after tomorrow? Who can not so big cake itching eyes


, for people who want to do business at a low cost, online shop is really a good choice. Online shop has its unique advantages, mainly in:

1, the potential customer base of big country, hundreds of millions of Internet users, are likely to become the global shop potential users, a greater number of buyers, may also be a fancy goods store, such a huge customer groups, who may have no doubt


online shop, not affected by time and region, offices and employees and other conditions, white-collar work can work while in the online business of his shop, many Internet users in the world will be 24 hours to visit the online store, as long as the shop do have characteristics, the goods are selling, online trading is only a matter of time and quantity instead, "may" or "impossible" problem.

3, online shop, small investment, low risk, almost no backlog of goods, which is the best marketing model in the field of business, according to orders, organize goods, receivables, delivery, a few flat, there is no risk. The only investment is to choose a good online store system, here recommended LAP online store system, and then there is their own hard work, and constantly publicize their online shop, constantly adjust their goods. Compared to the actual construction of shops, this investment can be regarded as what? According to the author estimates, open an online shop, if you do not calculate the purchase price of goods, a total investment of not more than 3000 yuan can be opened.

4, online shop, goods can be any combination of multiple products, not because of the scale of goods shop area is not enough and put it down, the biggest advantage of online shop, is free to expand the quantity of the goods and the content, a shopkeeper, can do a boutique, you can also set up a large shopping mall, as long as able to organize the quality of the goods, will be officially opened its doors.

, but there are some differences between online stores and physical stores. Online shop owners should focus on solving the following problems:

1, choose a good online shopping system: if the system is not flexible, not robust, and the function can not be effectively displayed, it may not attract consumers. Users still picky compared to shop overall, in addition to the goods itself, also hope that the website be beautiful, easy to use, a good shop system, equivalent to the store did not choose the right location, which is a taboo in the business sector.

2, to solve the problem of logistics and distribution: if the online transaction volume is not large, the logistics and distribution problems are not too obvious

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