website is every webmaster are constantly thinking and exploration of the site, we need to combine their actual situation and the Internet environment, the adjustment of operation strategy and operational thinking, in order to find the best scheme of website operation. In 2012, we experienced the Baidu K station and the right to fall storm, experienced the long suffering days, experienced the landing to the bottom of the torture. Fortunately, we still adhere to the road of our webmaster, adhere to their own dreams, adhere to their own creativity. 2013, we will be infinite passion, although still hard to live, but one day, we will win glory. This article stands in a row, with personal experience about the next 2013, forced a webmaster’s website operating ideas.

1, 2012 website has long been Baidu K station and drop right, dream still, never give up.

in 2012 July, I started operation stand in a row from the first day of the forum, the forum operation, until the date of writing, the forum has been in Baidu K and Baidu down the right under the state, has lasted for half a year. The first update of the 2013 Baidu forum, a sudden increase in more than 4000 included, there are now more than 5000 included, perhaps my stick touched the Baidu, but this is only a delusion, hope Baidu weights can be quickly restored, the search can stand in a row of a row of station search forum. I’m a webmaster who doesn’t like studying technology and SEO. I pay attention to the collection and ranking of daily hard work. It makes me feel exhausted. Therefore, I put more effort into website operation, profit discussion and user experience, and concentrate on the research of transaction profit. In the continuous communication and discussion with the webmaster, I have proposed site profitable trade theory, focuses on the profit, value, trading, interest, profit of six users, the concept emphasizes the importance and content of the value of profit for the website development building plays an important role in the interests of users meet the demand, prominent the site construction is the fundamental operation of trading and profit is our ultimate goal of the operation of the site. In the forum was Baidu K station and down the right day, I constantly thinking about all kinds of operation ideas, and constantly discuss with the webmaster new operation profit model. Although, stand in a row forum has not yet been restored weight, but positive my interaction with the webmaster, communicate deeply webmaster, learn the webmaster thinking essence, put forward the new concept of profit, will lay a solid foundation for the development of user forum on.

two and 2013 adhere to the depth of user relations as the core of the operation of the forum.

the development of any forum is inseparable from the depth of user relations, inseparable from the creation of value content, it is inseparable from the satisfaction of user needs. User relationship is a kind of interaction, interaction and satisfaction. I have written several times to illustrate the importance of user relations to the development of forums. Interaction between users and users can lead to collisions of ideas, emotions, or interests

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