DEDECMS website login blank, website is linked to link, the website was hacked solutions, this system may be Dede security issues, previously did not pay attention, until the discovery of the problem more and more serious to pay attention, do not be black, the first step is to set the Dede in accordance with the official directory security, second step is to update the security problems, the third step is to pay attention to their own background and do not expose their websites in the program type.

OK, now let’s talk about the solution after being hacked (Dede’s background is blank and the Dede site is hacked).

first of all, there must be a backdoor Trojan, unless the general dishes, but now hang links are more understanding, will put a back door, afraid you next link, they have to change.

of course, can not login, how to detect the background,

?So to find the

file, even if you replace the background of the entire landing folder also no solution, the back of some background file they will hang horse, this time you have to re upload the background file (recommended: first delete the original


so if you don’t have an important website, consider backing up the data and reinstalling it. Ha ha, that’s the last thing.

generally you can first modify the root directory of index.html, this first to the home page of the link to him.

you find data/, look inside the database link information is not wrong, I have a station inside this document is put links, really speechless.

not yet. Well, look at the in the include directory. These files with common, are they generally changed here, as well as links?

quickly replace it, please.

next, you can generally login backstage, and can not, in my article ( p=43) message, in the background to detect Trojan horse (Dede official tools provided, set inside),

you’ll see that some PHP files will be detected, usually under the image folder.

this time I was black, should be Dede’s ask inside the problem, Dede Q & a vulnerability, so generally do not use their own functions, less installation, less installation, one more thing, one more dangerous.

if you have a lot of sites on the same server that is dangerous, there are other sites may not be cleared Trojan, trojan is general and you manage your space permissions is the same, so don’t despise this, which is why some Dede webmaster said his station was also black.

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