don’t think this is not an ordinary day. As usual for netizens to open universities music. Open the web site statistics, found that more than 100 people had morning. Check the source address. It is actually QQ bookmarks. More than 100. Ten points when the morning afternoon. About 4 I looked under the website statistics. That actually reached 2000.

right. Never met so many users. See that there are more than 2000 users of QQ bookmarks. The more I wonder. Bookmark actually home recommended universities. Don’t think it’s night. 22:00 QQ bookmark has had 10 thousand people. How many times in the forum think nobody reply, I become personal blog. How many times do not want to continue to update. But I insisted over 1 days, 10 thousand people on the University palace collection is certainly.

thank Tencent, thank you for the love of university friends. Although the post is still so little. This article from the University can be reproduced freely, but please keep the link

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