complete more than 120001 activation users in the month, reward 8000 yuan;

    TOM-SKYPE  participate in the activities of products: UUSEE network TV screen media

    activity cycle: 10.1-10.31

    completed more than 150001 installed users in the month, reward 1000 yuan;

    complete 60001-90000 installation users within months; award 600 yuan;


I didn’t write a blog, or maybe I felt a blog to eat a thankless task, not hard not good things, until the 09 year in May, before the official independent blog this in their own name as a domain name, write some articles to share experiences, share their experience in others at the same time, it is a great improvement on their own, not only let yourself summarizes some experience, but also to their style of writing is greatly improved, always too lazy to write words, remember to write things, afraid, now write marketing presentation, marketing plan, marketing is soft, be nothing difficult. To write a coherent essay on my SEO, do stand is a breakthrough, also through my blog has a much better understanding of the webmaster, also get a lot of valuable opportunities for cooperation, although this blog from inception to now did not earn a penny, but the harvest really many.

    completed more than 120001 months to promote users, reward 4000 yuan.

sh419 alliance is sh419’s advertising, but it is said that there is the amount deducted phenomenon, but after all, is a big company worthy of trust, so very early on the application of the sh419 alliance account, but because in addition to the search box business as well as some CPS easily through the audit, the other has a certain threshold, especially similar to shlf1314 click on the ads sh419 promotion, have so many high traffic sites are discouraged. Last heard, said sh419 promotion package to reduce the threshold, even twelve of the blog also passed. Note: the package is, Ali mother community owners exchange owner baoway, twelve is Ali mother gourd, responsible for Taobao passenger, camp so I use my personal blog to submit the application for the promotion of sh419, indeed really passed, sh419 Union address: union.sh419/, or suggest the webmaster to these business applications down, after all, who do not know how, after difficult to apply, your account will be more and more valuable.

 :  : popular movie and television: in the month completes 50001-100000 installs the user, the reward 300 yuan;

    screen media: month 30001-60000 users, 300 yuan reward;

added the sh419 promotion code today, is the first step to make money blogging, but my blog basically is the webmaster and Taobao customers, so no advertising alliance click effect is good, but also never mind.

    respect network operators

  10.1 for the celebration of National Day approaching, Youyi marketing platform released product awards on the last day of September, I hope everyone in October to participate in to earn commissions. The activities are as follows:

    completed more than 90001 installed users in the month, reward 1000 yuan.

    within months of the completion of 15000-30000 promotional users, reward 500 yuan;

    complete 30001-60000 activation users in the month, reward 2000 yuan;

    UUSEE:    complete 15000-30000 activation users in the month, reward 1000 yuan;

    within months of the completion of 60001-120000 promotional users, reward 2000 yuan;

writing this blog to promote this blog, now has accumulated a certain amount of traffic, thank you again to join the blog is what I have always thought that one of the most valuable media, because the blog articles are bloggers original writing, which contains the blogger’s point of view, but the topic of money blogging in the industry has been relatively heavy, so valuable to the media, why is always so difficult to profit. Of course, some well-known blog, also provides some good ideas, for example, once known as the first blog Laoxu blog, Xu Jinglei founded the "open" transformation, blog traffic, has now surpassed Laoxu blog Han Han blog, and also through such a large brand Lenovo brand advertising cooperation. But the general individual blog generally realizes the individual small profit through the union advertisement.

    complete 100001-150000 installation users within months; award 600 yuan;

    complete 60001-120000 activation users in the month, reward 4000 yuan;

    within months of the completion of 30001-60000 promotional users, reward 1000 yuan;

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