recently, the CPPCC National Committee, New Oriental Education Group Chairman Yu Minhong is very busy, the National Political Consultative Conference proposal while NPC and CPPCC in Beijing should encourage online education, recommended by the mobile Internet to introduce high-quality educational resources in remote areas; while micro-blog quarrel with people on online education. Accused of advocating the thinking of using the Internet to promote YY free online education 100 education "is the" copy "New Oriental business model, is exaggerated" slogan ", and accused the media of" not hesitate to fabricate rumors to badmouth New Oriental, has been described as the new East seems to fall apart.

we started talking about this topic from the most obvious and often overlooked: not all start-ups are start-up companies. In the United States, there are millions of new start-ups every year, but only a few are start-ups. Most of the service business — restaurants, barber shops, pipe business and so on, in addition to a very rare case, these are not called startups, a barber shop have never been characterized as the rapid growth of the company, but a search engine, it is obviously.

in a fast growing company, it must have:

New Oriental

when I say startups are judged to be growing rapidly, my implications are obvious in two ways. First, what I call qualitative or design designed is, in a sense, intended and prepared, because most startups fail. But from the natural side of nature, startups are different, because the seedlings of a big tree begin to sprout differently.

20 years ago the "way" about what to read "China partner" should be able to understand; but to describe the development mode of online education in the Internet era, it is lost in the rough. 20 years ago, not only does the Internet thinking, even the Internet is also burgeoning, and now is a free Internet barely surviving commercial time, can not see a major difference in this case, when too much by kezhouqiujian.

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The difference is that

education and the Internet combine is called online education, this is not a new thing, there are at least a dozen years ago when I started, was also called the media or online distance education learning E-Learning, New Oriental itself online education is this, this model is more prominent is the application of technology on the Internet, including remote teaching and payment; but in thinking, but still traditional attract students, the idea of paying courses.

The so-called

but Mr. Yu is also a bit sentimental about the evaluation of online education. He said, "YY with the ones I used 20 years ago, when we are free seminars + free lectures to attract students, then part of the classroom into paying students, the practice of YY does not have any new ideas, its essence is to think through the free class, then part of the students are willing to pay into them."

in this mode >

to achieve rapid growth, you must create some things to sell to the mass market product or service, this is the difference between a shlf1314 and a barber shop, a barber shop barbershop does not have the properties of scale expansion.

reported seems to fall apart, I do not see that it is indeed the status quo is not so bad, revenue is still growing, and 100 educational products as a newborn, and indeed impossible just launched a substantive threat to new oriental.

, a start-up company, is often characterized as a fast growing company, and only start-ups can’t make it an entrepreneurial company. For any start-up company, it is not necessary to build on what technology, whether to get venture capital, or whether to have an exit mechanism, and the most fundamental thing is to grow.

what is the Internet thinking online education? I think it is very simple, the thinking of the Internet through free play is gathering popularity and traffic, launch products exceed user expectations, to achieve the ultimate user experience, and then make a profit through value-added services, so the 100 will be declared education to be launched a permanent free TOEFL IELTS intensive courses, and New Oriental in practice 20 years ago, is this part of the course temporarily free, attract users after a part of the charge. Is there any free IELTS / TOEFL course available in New Oriental?.

it’s important to understand that if you want to start your entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurship is so difficult that you can’t hang it aside and look forward to success. You must understand that growth is what you need to pursue from beginning to end. The good news is that if you get up, then no other things will naturally each to you, which means you will grow as you can on the road of the compass, let you make a decision in the face of all necessary.

has a different word, startup, to describe companies that are growing fast. If all companies are essentially the same, but some of them rely on luck or the efforts of their founders to make them grow faster, then we don’t need a separate vocabulary to describe them. We just have to make it a very successful company and a less successful one. But as a matter of fact, startups have a totally different DNA than any other business. shlf1314 is not a very successful or very successful barber, and shlf1314 is different from the beginning.

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