the netizen said that one of the great secrets he made for Taobao customers was to use relevant search and popular keywords. This friend who knows SEO knows that related searches can increase traffic and increase click through rates. I saw him in doubt, do not search traffic problems, but not necessarily increase the purchase rate? In order to unravel the mystery hearts, I want to go further to understand exactly the users how to do is flow through the relevant search, and have very good conversion rate of the secret contact CPS advertising people! That is the most difficult thing to buy conversion rate. To solve the problem of product purchase conversion rate, CPS advertising union is a great leap for webmasters and merchants,


before writing this article, I would like to ask new friends a question: you are how to join the ranks of the Wangzhuan novice friends? There is no good to think about it? I think there must be 90% people coming cheated, actually I also like most newcomers like, either cheated in, either because of the love of the network industry. The curiosity of the Wangzhuan but we all have a common goal, that is to earn money in the network. Join Wangzhuan to now, has been more than half a year. Now, in retrospect, a little tortuous, and walked a lot of detours. I believe many of my friends also have such experience. Why do we always cheated? Why do we always have to go those unnecessary detours? In fact, the reason is very simple: we want to be too success. We always dream to others to the project operation, project the so-called easy day to earn XXX yuan, and naive money buy it that it can easily earn XXX yuan; and this is precisely the most fatal weakness of our new friends! Many scammers often took advantage of this kind of psychology, under the guise of the name of the so-called day earn XXX yuan project to deceive those who just joined the ranks of the Wangzhuan novice friends money! We always can not stand the temptation to be most willing to, so I urge those new friends, as soon as is seen on the earn XXX yuan at the beginning, you would not want to think, the birds don’t bird him. There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially in the Internet. Please always remember this!


I am not what the market inspector, but for this promotion means beg to differ! This "unique skills" is a bit like SEO inside the black hat, SEO >


in the advertising Union, often see some of how to write their own experience in making money, the article is generally said that through their own ways, how to make money! Title exaggerated article, I generally do not see. There are two reasons: first, most of the people who write articles are to grab eyeballs, or to promote their own website, or the Union itself, the soft Wen; two, even the successful experience is others, they can not learn. For example, many users of Taobao customers experience, there are many I can not do things, the following slowly say,

for SEO this, although not professionals, but also some understanding. Heard that the net friend said that the related search thing, immediately looked for several webmaster tools to go to have a look. He had a little weight leaked type keyword, I checked the tea things several popular weight-loss products and found a very normal phenomenon: some cry up wine and sell vinegar things in front of the local keyword some blogs, forums often use hot keywords or with negative the word to your blog or forum to go inside, and the contents are all about Taobao guest this kind of advertising! When consumers are paying attention to a product, often check this product will not have a negative, and the users is the use of consumer beware of making some artificial negative news come out, because the target customer is targeted, plus a soft rendering, was struck by the consumer. So that netizen’s high income is like this,

did not update the blog first talk about things: these days, although not update the blog, but did not stop on the CPS advertising alliance, today wrote the 2 articles related with Taobao guest article is also constantly observe and analyze things out. Back to the theme, in Ali mother – Taobao guest’s official website and forum, there are many ways to introduce Taobao customers to earn money and skills, sh419 can also check a lot. I am generally in Admin5 and the laggards, the faction sees more. Inside to see an article, said to do Taobao guest day earn 3 thousand knife post, the harvest is really a lot, let me long experience,

today’s theme is how to find a real teacher to teach their Wangzhuan Wangzhuan technology. It take me as an example, I’m really glad I found a good teacher, one can really help my teacher taught me the teacher called the devil Wangzhuan Technology oh oh! The name crazy is rich, network forum moderators. please allow me to him a little ad, because I learned a lot in the rich network technology, really appreciate him!. In the higher, he was not a bit small, no rice generalist teacher, no understand the proud, nor Wang Tong eloquent, but his low-key personality is my favorite. So, how can we find a real teacher teach their Wangzhuan technology? Remember this sentence: from a word, a false book. This sentence is Daniel Why? If this person wants to teach you the real thing, so he will not tell you too much nonsense, a few words about your point, let your mind enlightened; if the person doesn’t want to teach you something, then he will give you a lot of things, let you see a bunch of theory and until you become confusing so far. Therefore, this teaching novice friends move, teach you how to judge this person is not suitable for you do Wangzhuan teacher. Here’s a trick: if he starts off by telling you a bunch of theories and giving you a pile of information, a

I said a lot of new people, just hope not to repeat the same mistakes, don’t spend money to buy items, unnecessary detours not to go, it will waste your time!

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