if your valuation is too high, when the performance rose two times, need to refinance, once the market is bad, new investors do not accept, old investors are also difficult to follow up, but let you follow-up financing problems. Therefore, I hope everyone in the financing process, do not spend too much time on the establishment of equity ratio.

Liu Qiangdong: now, silly money is very much, entrepreneurs do not take it,


has high valuations, it’s a good thing, but it has fatal flaws. Generally speaking, most of the start-up enterprises should go through at least three rounds of financing before listing, and some even have four rounds and five rounds of financing. If one of your round of valuation is too high, it will bring very fatal trouble to the latter financing.

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TechWeb December 24th news reports, during the inauguration of the dark horse Institute, Jingdong Group founder and CEO Liu Qiang East as the first instructor to 4000 black spot immediately an entrepreneurship course. Liu Qiangdong said in his speech, "now stupid money is very much, you have to take more money, because silly money will soon be gone."."

, Liu Qiangdong said, when big companies such as BAT, founder, almost 20% stake in the company’s listing, after less than 20% dilution. Ma Yun has many shareholders, but that does not affect him as the richest man. The Tencent is the same. Therefore, the equity ratio is not the most important, the first is control, you should learn to control your business. of course rain

below is Liu Qiangdong speech content:

, such as BAT, has more than 20% stake in the company when it is on the market, but it is less than 20% behind. When Ma Yun started the business, there were eighteen Rohan, many shareholders, but that did not affect him as the richest man. The Tencent is the same. Therefore, the equity ratio is not the most important, the first is control, you should learn to control your business. In addition, you should make your enterprise into a big, great enterprise, so that even if you have only a small proportion, it doesn’t affect you become China

every dark horse student hears the chicken soup style talk on a variety of occasions, which is the last thing I’m good at. Today, I want to talk about my opinion about the equity control of the enterprise. There will always be people again and again with you and things related to equity venture entrepreneurs, do everything possible to find out, all investors, is to let you have a high valuation.

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all the dark horse brothers, good evening, I’m Liu Qiangdong.

take all the successful Internet companies in the country, when most companies listed, the proportion of the founder’s equity is less than 20%. But I would like to say that a small share of the stock will not affect the dark horse entrepreneur who is here today. He will be the richest man in China in 35 years, even if you have only a dozen or more of the shares.

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