, "bad status," such words, whether you speak to yourself or what others tell you, actually produce a series of very negative self suggestion effects. Once you’re in such an effect chain, it’s not easy to get out of it. Seemingly without rhyme or reason of the opening, but it seems that in the past week, he is entangled in such thinking. Finally at the end of the week, the way more than three days of holidays, rest at home, let me put down the "bad" thing, do what you love to do, to see their love to see the book, said his love words. Not much to say, into today’s translation. This time, in terms of vision, send to all lovely little animals.

question usually includes the concept of innovation, brilliant design, solid and efficient development, and so on. Among them, the "visual aesthetics" of this factor can often be applied to the success of the product and brand shaping play a huge role in promoting. In this article, we’ll take three of the App Store’s high-income applications as an example to see what they have in visual design.

in these icons and pictures that have important recognition roles for the brand, you can hardly see the connection between the game and angry birds. This clearly shows how Rivio built Bad Pig> separately

today’s article comes from an internal collection of warp and weft. The speaker is CEO, Yang Haoyong, the used car for melon seeds. From the competition, capital, adjustment and team four points of view, about the two pioneering work behind the actual combat experience. This includes how to effectively promote the line brand marketing, how to do the product from the user’s point of view, how in the case of well-matched in strength to gain more market share, how to find the expert and management team.


startup screen:

he is very honest about the differences between the two pioneering and losses, both successful cases have a painful lesson, but no matter from which way of undoubtedly brings us new ideas and inspiration.


accounts for 90% of the broader market in the future, and the market share that entrepreneurs and competitors should now have is less than 10%. What does that mean? – the lead we get at this stage is really useless. Who will be able to win in this market in the future, in this 9>?

finally has a sentence from Hao Chung, we want to share with you all – time friends, do not go on to judge whether this matter is good or bad. Let time help you judge, and let time make you a winner. Following, Enjoy:

million European review entrepreneurship is a process of Daguai, with a close, the founders will become more comprehensive to ascend, what do not want to deliberately make; where do well to force management to upgrade. Some people, through intuition, go through actual combat experience, anyway, dozens of layers of blame.

this article reprinted from Jingwei venture, billion European editor finishing, for reference in the industry.

from some hearsay and personal observation, the piglets are even more popular than the birds. My nephew has been pestering me to explain why the bad birds always want to kill these cute little pigs.

Rovio knows all about these things. In fact, take a closer look at the game and you’ll find it hard to find too much relationship with angry birds in it.

editor’s note, Yang Haoyong is a continuous entrepreneur, has set up a market network and melon seeds used car. Go to the market and 58 city burn war classic, the most tragic time, the two sides in 1 years on advertising costs add up to 1 billion 500 million yuan. Multitray this battle lesson is: war than imagined cruel; corporate culture and management can not keep up the scale of development; according to the unstable, blindly into the new field. Yang Haoyong in doing business to share, probably will talk about and 58 war in the past, and he himself also used to the business as a war.

today, these thoughts are more of a real story. Let me say four points: first, competition; second, capital; third, the founder himself needs to make adjustments; fourth, the team.

Rovio’s game has been destined for success before it hits the market. As the "angry birds" prequel, while relying on a variety of media hype, mischievous pig debut soon fly.


?The answer to the

Bad Piggies

as the founder of a startup, you need to get out of the comfort zone to constantly improve themselves, grasp each key time node, and like-minded people to create corporate culture…… this road needs to be the founder and team together to explore and dig deep, because all first-class entrepreneurs are grown.

‘s current smartphone share is still soaring at an unprecedented rate, and the mobile app market is creating the next generation of technology millionaires". Apple’s App Store has more than 680 thousand apps, and is growing at an average rate of 375 a day. There is no doubt that the market is huge, and there are great opportunities everywhere. But the obvious question is: what makes successful mobile apps?

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