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in the website optimization, the key factor is the site of the title tag, in love now Shanghai mode, prepared a title is very important, if the site title just only stack keywords may be considered spam sites like Shanghai. How to go to the title? A streamlined user attractive title is the most powerful. This tells the search engine of our website is mainly to do this, the content of the website is also carried out on this title.


we do in Shanghai Longfeng is to can improve website ranking, it needs to optimize the website, and now we are aware of the importance of this website optimization caused more and more people, so as to make the whole industry more competitive, so it should be how to do in order to achieve the best abandoned garbage information the purpose of

proper use of

! frequency controlKeywords

is the title of a web site is the site of the "image", when your site is listed in the search engine, the title of the site is from the title tag. The user in determining which one should click on the website, depends on how you write the title, good title to attract people to click in the first time, if the title is too poor, ordinary people see did not see the desire.

website to a website and its importance is self-evident, but the key words should not be too much, too far! 32 keywords can, it seems there are no overlap in the keyword search engine ", the word" technology, but also can play the role of multiple keywords. In the premise, try to set your name and brand keywords.


anyway, in the abandoned garbage information on this point is actually very simple, as long as you know the industry content and surface >


site title

always check the website link


keyword is the content on the site, we use the keywords to put them in a web page, but follow the existing grammar rules should be in the use of keywords, natural sentence fluency, so, see people will feel very normal, do not have other ideas, on the contrary, it will cause the opposite effect of

built a website set up website link is a must. At this time, you can’t careless, often to check the site and external links, internal links up well, generally will not be a big problem, but if the outside link "off the chain", you’ll be a big loss. For example: links to bad reputation website. This is the most serious! When you link to the website, search engines, it means that you recognize their site, the result is that your station will be affected. Therefore, you must link to check the website regularly, to ensure the site abandoned garbage information the normal operation of the

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