today, everyone in the group discussion with their own website, perhaps love Shanghai made some small changes on some sites, many webmaster website has increased, but the website snapshot not update, keywords ranking dropped, everyone is complaining about love Shanghai, love Shanghai feel more and more outrageous, good keywords the website suddenly gave you to 100 after the snapshot is updated from time to time and stagnation, not like before a stable, even before the owners expect every Thursday, every Friday, there is a small update, now love Shanghai also become less regularly.

if the website did not rise and fall, keywords ranking no ups and downs, it is also called the Shanghai dragon? Can make their sites tend to be stable is not a little while can solve, need to adhere to long-term and pay, the weight of high website is not a day for two days up to do, but in the long time the precipitation; when the site has a certain weight, love Shanghai algorithm for the influence of the website will not be so big, unless you use what is cheating, the general love of Shanghai update, do not let contains much ups and downs, keywords ranking is also the case; in fact, Google is the same, we found that low weight the website PR updates are not regular. "

as a webmaster to bear not only tired, but also the site down right after the pain, and sometimes will also gain a lot of happiness. A website in hand, how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion, keywords layout, content editing, the construction of the chain and a series of problems is a day in the life, and sometimes serious to do, not necessarily can bring satisfactory results, one thing is the site to drop right ordinary, as a female webmaster, sometimes will certainly have the same feeling with you: do stand tired ah, should persist? Through a long time of Shanghai dragon combat and study found that all this is not what, perhaps this is the real charm of dragon phoenix.

actually, in my opinion now fluctuating performance is very normal, especially low weight of new sites, whether you have the smooth off love Shanghai 1 to 3 months, as long as your site hasn’t reached a certain weight, love Shanghai reason to make your site look less stable of course, the love of Shanghai is not unreasonable, or sometimes with operation method and optimization method is closely related to the webmaster. In fact, we will understand a lot of empathy, Adsense thinking in Shanghai love angle station, if we all know the love Shanghai algorithm, certainly a lot of people will perform very well, just like the original keyword accumulation can help keyword ranking, if everybody can do so, then you can row the website well, because China website that gives Shanghai love beyond count, brought great trouble, so I think sometimes you love Shanghai web site to do a little adjustment, of course he meant, not even you on the dragon phoenix process problem, but the love of Shanghai "confused" webmaster.

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