some of the things that we see is a way that will be another way, we thought we saw the truth, in fact, we don’t see the truth, to Shanghai dragon, there will be a lot of truth we cannot see, there is a saying we should be very familiar with the saw is not really, what we usually see are some of the surface of things, not the nature of things.

owners often take their websites and competitors do, in the eyes of many people, believe that your site site than others to do well, feel that their website ranking was not the first to say a very grievance, about the problem of the chain, there is a webmaster asked me why his website the chain has more than 10000, but the chain competition is only more than 1000, ranking is better than competitors, according to his website address, I see about two sites he provided, one is his own site, a competitor’s site, the number of the chain from the point of view, his the site is the chain a lot, but the quality of speaking, is not a competitor’s site, because from the Links perspective, competitors took advantage of, and his chain are basically some of the inside pages The signature, did not get much weight.

by the above three cases, you are.

say that the articles about the original thing, we all know that search engines love so very carefully in the original articles, original articles, and to the original webmaster, is also at pains, but insisted a few months of the original, even found the ranking or not go, so some people began to question the role of the original article, a recent Master said to me, why your web site is the original article, and is updated every day, and the competitor’s website are pirated articles, ranking or better than competitors, then I went to look at his site and a competitor’s site, his website article did more for the original, but the quality of each article is not high, look for a long time did not know what is said, and a competitor’s site is pirated articles, but the quality of each article is guaranteed Card.

there is a case, I simply say, the same is two the same site, a friend and I was done at the same time, we have paid more attention to the original article, be on a par with in the quality of content, the chain is almost the same, but my website ranking web site is much better than his, he very puzzled asked me why I told him, in fact, the content of the website and the chain we have to be roughly the same, my site is good, because I and his lack of publicity in place, propaganda network, every one of my site updated, will be released in micro-blog space, bring in the user for the website, and his site updated what all don’t do, only included other search engines. No matter how good the content may only do publicity, good article publicity out, will let more people find that if you just wait for the search engine to find the site traffic, enhance the speed will be significantly decreased, but do not do Shanghai dragon, but also know how to market their own website.

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