in some industries now contribute the chain or love Shanghai know the weight of the chain is very high, but the chain is not easy to do this, let the ordinary webmaster very tangled, so what the chain do good and effective


, a blog outside the chain, although the weight of the blog chain is much worse than before, but the blog the chain effect has not disappeared, such as the common love Shanghai space, Sina blog, Sohu blog blog portal website, the collection is relatively good, but when making use of these long tail keywords blog can effectively seize the rankings, hope earnestly to grasp the chain blog this form, although the effect is slow but effective.


, three video products outside the chain, the chain is video webmasters are not used, in fact, compared to other video chain chain construction is more simple and easy, of course, also said that the construction of the chain video does not succeed, but it also need to adhere to, there is a time of transition, from the video chain transition at present time, the transition time in 1 months or so, insist on doing 5-10 every day, in a month is good, hope that the webmaster friends in time can also be appropriate to do some.


fell in love with overseas chain information disclosure, we can find the part of the site has given up the BBS signature of the chain and sale chain, but it also causes the lack of the chain resources part, bring the webmaster friends today is some value is not high but the long-term insistence effective form of the chain.

four, SkyDrive products chain, we all know that SkyDrive products, although the weight of the chain of SkyDrive is not high, but can stimulate the proper form of the chain, for example, your website is selling information website, then we can according to the amount of information website industry characteristics to find some related products. This not only ensures the diversity of SkyDrive products outside the chain, but also ensure that the chain of correlation, Why not?


five, love Shanghai small product chain, although the chain of love Shanghai know it is difficult to do, but the chain of love Shanghai other products but still feasible, such as Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar love love love Shanghai library, collection and so on, although these love Shanghai small products chain weight is not high, but wins in affordable, for some long tail words, love Shanghai and Post Bar library can on the home page ranking, it can also improve your site traffic virtually, just in love by Shanghai products when the chain must be.

two, classification of information chain, information chain classification has been for several years, but now the chain effect of this form is also good, especially for some sites outside the chain of this mode can bring a lot of traffic, such as the current 58, Ganji and so on are good, I am every day in the Internet search will enter the 58, take a look at the Ganji, recommend you webmaster friends to do 2-4 a chain of classified information website every day.

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