to share the experience of the chain: the pursuit of the chain number, and the pursuit of the quality of the chain, the best way is to use the question and answer. Why is the question? Because the big quiz website weight is very high, will soon be included, but there are many thieves quiz website, send a chain to send several chains.

It is self-evident

maybe you think that question also has a lot of defects. But in fact, I found that even question the account is closed, all questions are shielded, your answer is still displayed. That is to say, by answering the chain theory is not restricted.

as above, the author joined the site keywords in question, although the question is not allowed to add a hyperlink, but still can bring their own. We know that the chain page quality is better the higher correlation, so in a limited range to make your question (not even questioning) close to the theme of the site. I will address not only appear in the text, but also appeared in the title, this is done in order to maximize the chain to the site of the weight. But this observation also found that the higher the quality questions page, the page is included in the probability of the thief is also bigger. So do not blindly into the hair of the chain, but also added some content, so as to improve the chain included quantity.

Shanghai is a dragon to slowly come to work, the construction of the chain can not be so anxious. In the "fast" at the same time, stability and quality is also essential. This paper from the boring network station www.wuliao5贵族宝贝 original, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, thank.

the role of the chain, believe that every webmaster are very clear, good outside chain, can cause much impact on the keyword ranking. But some one-sided pursuit of the chain number, send 100 day only included 40, and included are the garbage chain, not what weight. This causes instability and high weight website. So how to quickly make the high quality the chain has become a serious question to every webmaster.


"things" can also be applied in the construction of the chain in. If too much advertising, the account may be. I had such a painful experience, the chain before the failure of all. It’s also a reminder to us: do not hang in a tree, not just by our technician chain; to open several accounts, it is best to change IP; can not be too greedy, the chain can not be made too frequently.


so, why is the question and answer, rather than the use of love Shanghai know the higher weight platform? The reason is very simple: love Shanghai pass rate is low compared to the question and answer, if one day the chain also sent more likely to answer the questions into the manual review, the chain that may do nothing before Kung fu. But the question and answer is do not need artificial audit, has become almost outside the chain of heaven.

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