single site really is propitious to improve the site keywords ranking? The author for example a verbal statement without any proof, the author took the site before, there are from Hunan University, Hunan University correspondence content, the author in October 2nd the site title, content into the self content. The correspondence content is not deleted, no hiding, finishing to a small module, the user does not affect reading, waited for 9 days, yesterday (October 11th) love Shanghai big update, the website main keywords "Hunan University" and "Lake"

variety of products in the same site, will interfere with the user’s reading, as I had done "green landscape", the title is: plastic rockery stone _ wood railing _ fake tree, the user search keywords rockery "enter the website, can only view information and rockery the wood railing, fake tree information website appears will seriously interfere with the user to read, causing the site out of the rate increase, browse PV reduced, website ranking will No.

2, _ _ crane excavator loader, excavator _ crane _ loader belongs to engineering machinery, but the user does not need to excavator, crane, loader, which does not belong to a single product website.

Such as:

"love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" clearly pointed out that the single site more products for the web site keywords ranking. What is called "single" website single product, refers to an independent site only a product or a class of strong correlation products.

said in front of so many readers understand the site of a single problem already, so how to solve the problem of single site? The author provides two methods to solve the problem, make a website or build two website.

Not related to

1, _ plastic rockery stone rockery, rockery and rockery garden rockery are not the same, but they have a strong correlation, which belongs to a single product website.

now enterprises will operate several products, however, when the enterprise boss Optimization Website optimization, as long as the company’s products, never consider the correlation between the product, all in their so-called "enterprise website" above, from the long-term consideration, this website keywords is very difficult to have good rankings, even it is difficult to rank stability.

1, more than one site: each site only one or more strong related products, such as: to build two site excavator _ _ loader crane, crane and loader respectively. Then the original site of the crane, loading machine related information hidden away, remove the home entrance.

2, built in two sites: the establishment of the two level domain is conditional, first determine your website content enough, rich enough, with the establishment of an independent website, to establish the two level domain name, or search engine will be judged as cheating, causing the site to drop right.

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