fourth, a lot of.

second, compared with the advertising, Shanghai Longfeng applicability is stronger, more flexible and closer to the real user. For example, if you want to get some traffic through advertising, the need to take into account the correlation between advertising pages and pages of the website, if you need a landing page of many words, your advertising will be very troublesome, need to set the appropriate advertising for each landing page, select the appropriate delivery platform, but also can not guarantee that your advertising is very suitable for the user, can prevent some malicious click behavior and so on.

first, compared to bidding, Shanghai Longfeng labor type belongs to work, do not need to spend a lot of money directly can do, and will continue to remain stable. As you do, there is usually a daily limit consumption, many auction also need to have regional, gender, different keywords set limits. For example, a person’s IP is in Beijing but in Shenzhen, some search business in Shenzhen, auction many will set the IP limit, it is not shown, or likely to be malicious clicks, but also may lose part of the customers. Also, do the bidding will limit the maximum daily consumption, in order to prevent accidents, it will cause some of the time, our website will not show to the customer, will all be part of the loss of customers. But such things did not happen in Shanghai dragon.

website Shanghai Longfeng, Shanghai Longfeng can do? Because Shanghai dragon is get traffic is relatively stable, long way is the best way to its own brand. We do the site must have a user access or by the user can know the value and significance, and want to be understood by users, must do network marketing, while the Shanghai dragon is a common way of network marketing. Compared to other forms of marketing, Shanghai Longfeng benefits are as follows:

Why do

if you are directly with the Shanghai Dragon up to do it, you decide, you can prevent the above shortcomings, but also can beautify the landing page, let them trust more beautiful to provide users; you can place your online business, QQ, micro-blog and address to enhance the user’s communication you can also improve the conversion; and do whatever you want to do it on your website, without outside interference.

third, compared with the web site promotion, Shanghai dragon has strong pertinence and high reliability. All the network promotion we do is to get the user, by the use of third party platform to promote it, there will be some problems, such as your platform may be a good ranking, but the third party will be placed on your opponent’s advertising; the information you may be deleted or a period of time the opponent will cover, ranking disappear or become rival advertising; you publish platform if there is third party comment, to prevent malicious slander opponents, many people in Shanghai love Post Bar hair ad, ranking up there are competitors malicious reply.

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