recently put my brother to Shanghai dragon why training to a friend, I know why I don’t understand, not to teach him to Shanghai dragon, but also a waste of money to Shanghai dragon why, more important is that we all know too much of the Shanghai dragon why Shanghai dragon Er, also with a lot of Shanghai dragon why trained Shanghai dragon Er, are very troublesome memories. But I still did not hesitate, the reason is very simple, no need to go through the works of hone, some experienced stage is not difficult to understand. At the same time in order to help him change the idea quickly, I decided to write some articles to help him quickly understand Shanghai dragon.


Shanghai Longfeng learning must first learn a good idea, then is the technical field, otherwise it will eventually become a pure First impressions are strongest, the technicians, this is one of my boss taught me, feeling very deep. In fact, this is a reason, if you know deep.

said here my point of view, called energy decline rate. For example, the chain is one of the important factors that influence the website, we play the power of the individual can do every day 300, while the energy decline rate is 1%, then to 100 days later, but this time the daily energy decline reached 300, so even if we do it outside the chain, it is difficult to influence the ranking of the site. This is a lot of new website ranking is brushed, but some do not cause the old station ranking floating. (decline rate of energy can not be avoided, such as the chain weight decrease with time, a website issued outside the chain of more votes less, the chain has lost rate, it will be deleted, timeliness and repeated articles will be Spider clearance, is inevitable decline.

set a good idea to talk to people, or catch a good opportunity, the most disappointing to have a journey away. In Shanghai dragon optimization study, learn real knowledge is very important. Here I suggest you read some previous articles, such as some stone interactive old articles, some articles and forums light-years in the blog, blog, search the R & D department webmaster Club Lee quiz, love Shanghai official guide, optimization Google webmaster tools, these are the best reference. Every thinking blogger is the object of our study, but not everyone’s blog to read every article are credible, it would go astray.

Shanghai dragon how to learn? First of all, I think to get a breakthrough in thinking, get the correct knowledge and ideas. Shanghai dragon is a new science and technology requirements of people is very extensive, Shanghai Dragon technology may be less than, but it is difficult to really determine the ranking of a website. At this time, a good idea and correct judgment plays a very important role. But, I also say and colleagues often rely on technology, Shanghai dragon is very difficult to make a major war, have to rely on the resources and strategies, this is because any Shanghai dragon Er energy is very limited, affecting the power of their own play is very small, Pifu shake the tree is stupid people the behavior of.

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