contacted the Shanghai Longfeng people know, Shanghai dragon website promotion optimization is a hard dirty work, it is love in Shanghai this year and update algorithm is changed to Shanghai dragon this industry cast a shadow. Shanghai love in this change is a small and medium-sized enterprise website hit, because it has to mature website, love Shanghai even then what change for the influence of the website is not much. But for our small business website of Shanghai Longfeng workers, this year’s strike can be said to be devastating, many jobs in another way because such a situation in Shanghai Longfeng officially began to bid farewell to Shanghai dragon. Today Xiaobian want to share with you is the chain of construction, what kind of chain can withstand the scrutiny of the Shanghai love

we all know, Shanghai Longfeng work is divided into two parts: optimization and promotion, optimization is aimed at the interior of the website optimization, promotion for the website construction of the external links. Optimization for the website is once formed, without much change here is the construction of the code. The station optimization for promotion station is more difficult, especially for an algorithm now love Shanghai, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng construction of the chain is a headache. To solve this problem, before Xiao Bian also had a period of confusion, don’t know how the construction of the chain, can not see the way before use, the chain is in the original accumulation decreased gradually, Xiao Bian also very anxious. The following small share method now the construction of the chain, hope to be able to communicate with you.


we need to fully understand and familiar with the love of Shanghai now for the construction of the chain, in Shanghai Longfeng people know that love in Shanghai this year has begun to weaken the role of the chain for the website, but the website chain is essential. At the same time in Shanghai at the same time weaken love against the original signature of the chain, enhance the role of the chain (this is what we call outside the chain of high quality). How to create a high quality of the chain, the chain of high quality, first, to a certain extent, the original can not be copied, let love in Shanghai don’t crawl time and he has some duplicate content. Second: the content to attract readers must have a strong appeal, let more readers click on the watch, and form a reprint. Third: the corresponding website should be posted on the corresponding platform, this is what we often say the association. Third: don’t is a journal article, the article should have readability, it is best to design some technical aspects of the article, is helpful for the readers.

when we have a high quality of the chain is defined as the actual operation of the construction of the chain, the eye-catching title is essential, at the same time ask chapter is the best to add your site keywords, the density is probably at the beginning of the end of all time, probably around the middle 2 to 3 times. Of course, in keywords >

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