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when it comes to the end, the site is not really easy, when I started 3U push also paid a lot, a successful website is really not so easy to do. We can not stop the study website to better the site

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‘s search engine we developed, so its running rules are set up in advance, you only meet its rules to do. Shanghai love search technology is actually very strong, for before we see love Shanghai large-scale K station, right down the reason is also a reason. The last time I love Ceng Guanghong and Shanghai technical personnel exchanges K station, love Shanghai staff said, for those K things, our technical personnel are in the eyes of the…, because they will be useful to determine the existence of the value really website through this a big move, and love Shanghai real change rule is secretly! You only through your observation of the website to make decision on the next.


I 3U push together knowledge is not done in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon how to do better, I told her to pay attention to love Shanghai webmaster moment news, because the search engine has changed a lot, she was very surprised to say. The search engine will become. Through this small case she is obviously on the search engine is very low degree of concern, she doesn’t even know the search engine algorithm is improved and upgraded constantly. This is also a lot of people do optimization efforts to do optimization is not to rank, because they use skills have been a long time ago, the basic is to be filtered.

each company will put Shanghai dragon placed in a special position, because in a certain angle Shanghai dragon is an operator, Shanghai dragon more is a kind of strategy, a kind of thought, many people think those big site who is special Niubi, actually those Niubi just play website to play too much, for web site operators professional knowledge are seen through, so they are just at the website is how one thing, a hand can put the website various points of a hit.

starting from 3U push 贵族宝贝bbs.3utui贵族宝贝/th> Forum

website is also undoubtedly on these points, news, forum, blog, Wiki, quiz, and even business station owners have done are actually know, Wikipedia, weight news platform value is relatively high point, why? Because the search engine for each platform is scoring rules not the same. In fact, as long as we take a little time to understand is very easy to understand a lot of the principle, every website provides us with the user’s needs are not the same, so the search engine will be based on these factors is given different score values. This may be done only 5 years or so webmaster will have experience in this study.

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