love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is a search engine of the anti spam algorithm in sea launched in February 19, 2013. The algorithm is mainly against super chain intermediary, selling links, buying links hyperlink cheating. The launch of the algorithm effectively prevent malicious exchange links, the chain’s behavior. To effectively purify the Internet ecosystem. Love on the line after the Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, with slightly more links led by Ali trading platform is in love with altitude hair, love the green development of the sea to the Internet and a step forward

second: eventually, the user experience is king

In 2011

today, the original plan to write about Shanghai Longfeng article, welcome criticism. Today open chain trading platform A5 to update the website links posted before, suddenly found []: "love Shanghai because of the green algorithm prohibited link trading, in response to recommendations, not to love Shanghai webmaster webmaster trading column brought about negative effects and are now closed, it realize true" green "algorithm the reflected

: the first algorithm will purify messy link Scindapsus market

last year I participated in a fast way online Salon: many people, Shanghai dragon has been labeled as a liar, integrity label, let some customers lose confidence in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon that is a lie. Due to the misunderstanding of the Shanghai dragon.


third: the future of the evil dragon Shanghai will be increasingly difficult to survive



love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm on-line, and also open a new mode of chain. This article will simply say we should be how to deal with the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm:

launched Google panda algorithm, aimed at reducing the low quality content of the website ranking, 2012 Google launched the penguin algorithm, the main purpose is to fight spam chain. Love has been in Shanghai to follow the practice of Google, so the launch of Scindapsus algorithm is not strange, Penguin its role and Google similar. But eventually, after we do Shanghai dragon can only do the white hat Shanghai dragon, the user experience is always the truth, high quality original content is to insist on doing. Spam links to do less, for Links requirements are raised, the correlation is the first factor to consider, in fact, these people are clear, not only easy to operate. In simple terms, the user experience is people-oriented, to the user as the fundamental. One can bring value to the user of the website, this is a good website.

in front of a lot of friends are also mentioned in this algorithm will not go into detail, a simple point: crack down link trading behavior. The algorithm will directly affect the update: 1, super chain intermediary, 2, selling links, 3, buy links. With love to link Shanghai to crack down on business behavior, I think the sale of industry links dying.

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