website, generally divided into two parts: inside and outside the station

three, the template text: check the web site there exist too much boilerplate text, the template text that each page will exist, it will increase the website similarity, will affect the site collected, will reduce the number of falls in love with the sea to your site to grab, serious may be spider will not visit your site. Because the web page of page similarity is too high, Shanghai will not feel what love spiders can grab something of value.

, the two column navigation settings: some enterprise website put some dynamic company, in the navigation industry information, these useless navigation, this is not conducive to the optimization of the website, the user does not have such a requirement, should be the best understanding of the user needs, for example your website is to do LED lights, the biggest user demand is price. Manufacturers, as well as programs (if you don’t know how to analyze the needs of users: please read the user’s needs and analysis) then navigation should be so arranged that the website home page – product -LED lamp -LED lamp -LED lamp manufacturers price proposal – FAQ – Introduction – contact us.

five, Links: check the site have to chain some bad links, for example, a >


Shanghai dragon sometimes received some optimization has been optimized for a period of time, do not know is how to optimize the staff before optimization, then the current site analysis, rather than a site received to update the articles and send the chain, this is not right, to optimize the staff analysis before is how to optimize the site, his operation is correct, if the operation method is wrong must be corrected, but also analyze the layout of the site is not conducive to the optimization of the.

How to analyze the

four, back to the bottom or the bottom of the site chain: there are lots of anchor text links to the home page, the links are cheating behavior, because there is no effect to their own vote,

, a set of three elements: the title of the site set, there is no positioning around the theme of the site to write web page title, column page, the article page is written correctly (how not to write the headlines read: teach you how to write the title of the website), the choice of keywords is correct, for example enterprise general station station, some enterprises in order to save costs, the more relevant keywords to a web site to do, for example: before the website is a keyword that solar LED lights and scenery complementary controller for this two key words in a web site to do so, two words will not get very good the ranking, website optimization of time cost will increase, meet a keyword user needs, and another one is not satisfied, the other proposal to build a website, cost Very low, as long as the purchase of a space and domain name can, website program and template can be used as long as it is not the same as like as two peas, make a product can, or open a two level domain name to do.

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