1. in the role of the chain began to increase, the number will be included to assess the effect of weight and quality of the new website.

reason: the word car perfume website Audi perfume no index, but no change in ranking. Men stand high index of the word, the word has spread out the ranking. Also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng such article analysis 520 update algorithm mentioned: love Shanghai in Shanghai in order to deceive, love love Shanghai to promote good do so against the Shanghai phoenix. Although do not exclude this possibility, but it is best not to think so, a romantic treat spider, also do not want to love Shanghai hostile. Still love Shanghai for users can get a better user experience, after all, do a lot of garbage station keywords.

was my car perfume xs1688.net ranked only the word Audi perfume is good, no change (the specific ranking also remember). A relatively large change is already done home a week car perfume which is good and the car perfume, their collective fell to about 50. The other I love dearly. Think what I did wrong…

then I think this is a short update, finally a webmaster friends and I talked about this matter, and I see everyone for the love of Shanghai to update the content view and understanding. Of course, I think these high-tech argument for those of us just a few months in Shanghai Longfeng novice or difficult to understand. So according to the comparison of three romantic new rankings change, influence of love to the new Shanghai algorithm has made the following conclusions:

3. can no longer pursue the chain.

EDT site xzd0贵族宝贝 love Shanghai station included more than page included car perfume, double index. Indeed many small influence. And now a lot of articles about the 520 love Shanghai algorithm mentioned love Shanghai began to use part of the Google algorithm. That will be included in the chain of romantic love Shanghai algorithm to update one.

but remember more clearly the other two there is no change in my website:


update algorithm is just that, because of the recent love Shanghai (uncle / aunt brother / sister) may be a bad mood occasionally gave me down in the rankings, give me up a little higher, then rose to my satisfaction, and fall down. In the 5.20 morning, I used to see the point of ranking.

I love Shanghai

2. love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion index is high, many words although before it is not good to do, the future is more difficult… ..

lady perfume website xzd0贵族宝贝. Is the top few days of a few, little change today. Men’s perfume website xzd1贵族宝贝, was also not what changes, but fell out last night. This is the reason I didn’t notice the update, because three of my station is not dropped, even the woman station did not fall. Such as car perfume men out of the net when the network has been restored.

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