Hello, today is here to meet with you, recently busy weight recovery, has been very tired, but after thirty days of effort, these tired turned to succeed, one thing is very happy, I love Shanghai station experienced a drop right after thirty days, the weight began recovery, ranking flow began to improve.

on the website down right and included, you can check the record with the webmaster tools, and I will not go too much to say. Because the drop right reason every site is different, so today I is mainly for my website right down to the sharing of experience, hope to all the webmaster help.

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The snapshot

no matter who, after we faced difficulties and failures was a certain environment, would mind exists every kind of idea, even said that many will want to give up, but most of the time or for a young mind not convinced, in such a way as to inspire us to fight. So in the face of our website down and how will have the idea of right out of the ordinary period? Here today to share with you my experience of the mood in the drop during the power.

because when right down early, I check the site itself is very carefully, and also did not find any drawbacks, so I guess whether love Shanghai put my site back in the study period? Because my name of the game after all is the new network, so I think or wait a little, still insist on doing their own work, more.

on the site just to be right down, I believe that I and many of the old owners, start from their own web site to analyze the reasons, there is insufficient or defects of the website, to carry out deep introspection. But after a few days of fine search, did not find what reason, my first template and the internal link structure is absolutely no problem, not to mention my site is all pseudo original, so it does not have any drawbacks. So this time I began to check my site is optimized too, think about it, this time in addition to occasionally send some blog outside the chain, and not a lot of website to increase a lot of the chain, but also the same as before the content page is regularly updated, and the quality is absolutely no words. It can’t be the reason, this later, I began to check some other aspects, Links found there was a website to delete my link, because in his anger, but also directly deleted it links, and then publish in check the website of the link quality, is absolutely no problem, there are some other the details of this work, I will not say, when in a word initial we are all the same, to find their own shortcomings in the website.


(a) site right down to thirty days, my mood experience.

1, right down the initial

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