To maintain the stability of


external links can be said to be the core of the web site optimization. Now two ways to get very good external links is through the promotion of soft paper, second is through the link bait, such as their own development blog plugin or website template, the two is the best way.


site stability includes two aspects, one is the program that is stable, can not arbitrarily change the site structure, also cannot modify the title, description and keywords website. The second aspect is the stability of the space, the space is not stable, do Shanghai dragon has no meaning.

all of the above is many webmaster >.

is a user behavior, the reason is very simple, if your website article was reprinted many words, so that a search engine that your article is valuable, is of high quality, adhere to will increase the weight of the website long time, we have to do is to publish original articles in their own on the website, search engines, dozens of blogs and the next day after the launch of their construction, then every few days and then a large number of mass.


static URL


page title must integrate into this keyword, needless to mention. Now the search engine for the page keywords appear frequency and density is not so important, but also a basis, as long as not malicious accumulation, as long as it is reasonable, then there is no problem, which has been verified in many sites.

the "ripple" spread

The The spread of

dynamic programming search engine is the same grab, you can take their own website under test, find two weight similar to a web site released into the dynamic content, a release for static or pseudo static page, you can find a static page and row names included in the dynamic. So if you have tens of thousands of web pages, is the dominant

page layout

page title in the keyword


page layout is reasonable is to make important content display on the left, but not a lot of pictures and FLASH, the effect of cool JS script, iframe framework, Ajax effect and so on, these are all search engines potential killer.

The Don’t say

external links

now Shanghai dragon industry is very hot, it is a relatively inexpensive way to get high quality flow way. Shanghai Longfeng the purpose of transformation, the key lies in the keywords ranking, so how to get good keywords ranking? Wheat Lisa according to their own experience to sum up six points, is a very practical experience, if you follow this method, ensure the key words your ranking is very influential. Well, here began today’s text.

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