and the long tail keyword ranking is easy to maintain, will not fluctuate too much, so the selection of key words is very important, if it is a new or pre selected but easy to optimize the long tail keywords conversion rate is good, only to play an important role for the promotion of the late.


customer site optimization, I believe that many owners are all too familiar, but one day only 10 of several IP sites, the customer is willing to cooperate for a long time, and the flash is 3 years, is willing to lead what customers are willing to long-term cooperation? Basically allows customers to earn money, they will be long-term cooperation with us 09 years down, began to cooperate with them, from the site to optimize the entire process is fix, although it is a very simple small business station, but the customer is also required, their minimum requirements is to make our long-term maintenance checks on the front page of the position of key words. Here is a look at recent keywords ranking:

keyword ranking on the home page, but because the keywords day search volume is small, so every day to site traffic is very small, but want to maintain the position of the home page, it is not a very easy thing, now competitive film and television production industry is more and more big, little attention will be squeezed down therefore, the construction content and time to do outside the chain, but for this website as long as good quality content updates, website weight can maintain, after all, is a three year old station, the weight relative to other sites is a little advantage, here’s what an average of only 10 A few IP website. How can the long-term cooperation with customers.


positioning is very important, as a Shanghai film and television production company, the main business is Shanghai local, so consider the keywords combined with local Shanghai should be in the mining, such as the Shanghai film and television production, film production enterprises in Shanghai; customers generally do not understand Shanghai dragon, you can help him to choose of course, not only value interests, although the optimization of video production, corporate video production difficulty to be big, the fees should be higher, but these words keep competitiveness rankings more difficult, and the conversion rate is not high, so to achieve win-win outcome and can only choose to allow customers to optimize the money, although this site traffic is not much, but the conversion is still relatively high, the input keywords into web users, there are generally demand.


2, the long-term maintenance of the ranking is the key of

1, focus on the selection of effective

customers now do Shanghai dragon see is ranking, see is the result, once the keyword row not up, the customer will often call "harassment" of you, this time should tell the client a clear process of search engine, with his replacement need some time to line up, of course, the tone should be relatively stable, or customers stop cooperation is possible, now Shanghai dragon company most.

Although the

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