said maybe this blog name, for some novice may not be familiar with, but also very strange, but when it comes to name on the understanding that the blogger is Muzi into the boat, when he submitted in the A5 webmaster network will introduce myself first, so as to improve their visibility, can also create a personal brand, said that some people still don’t understand it, then I direct mapping:


blog age is long, it is the old station, the blog made regional Shanghai dragon, Beijing Shanghai dragon ranked 13, their contents are codeword original, great correlation is optimized, the novice can go to read, in fact some of the contents of this blog is really good. Once appeared in home for a period of time, probably because the server does not very stable, the author used to search, occasionally not open phenomenon, do not rule out the network problems of its own, the site is now somewhat stable, slowly ranking is also very soon, please see the screenshot:

leader, worthy of our vast learning model, why do you praise him? In fact.

A5, what is the effect on our website ranking? How the quality of the chain it? Is it really high quality? How to reprint volume? What if there is no effect, not so much to the grassroots webmaster nets submitted, but the audit is very strict, not write anything can pass, have relevant content can, don’t take your experience to contribute, stationmaster net is all about the grassroots webmaster, optimize the content, then I will give you a few cases that A5 soft outside the chain really can bring great weight to the

most of the chain source comes from the A5 Adsense nets contribute to obtain, started this site did not release the chain link, the survival rate reached 80%, reproduced the contents of the website are old station, give weight is very substantial, but not all of a sudden reproduced delete or remove the copyright, etc. information, keep the good keyword ranking is Shanghai and Beijing Shanghai dragon dragon diagnosis, these two words may change a little higher, due to the spatial instability caused by the part of the rankings off, certainly after slowly returning back.


we know from above, the chain increased speed is stable, no change radically situation, most of them are soft, reproduced, but the reasons ranking drop is the largest space is not stable, the content is very readable, or correlation, ranking floating is not large, to see the keyword rankings:

, a Beijing Shanghai dragon rose blog

two, Hunan Shanghai dragon dragon Jun

web site? But the


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