although the past many years, the concept of search engine optimization software has experienced the transition period was very strict. These years, it has been very stable and high efficiency. But recently there are some uncertain factors, mainly due to Google and Google panda Penguin algorithm so that many webmasters are difficult to cope with, this makes them think of search engine optimization is more and more small. If you think so, then maybe you’re wrong.

search engine optimization software with Google and Google panda Penguin these two algorithms have what relation between energy? In addition to building links, how can software helps you to analyze your web page in the search engine’s performance, so you can analyze it in the data on the basis of reliable? At present, there is a the new software Shanghai dragon Clearly and attempt to do this too.

Clearly said: "the Shanghai dragon panda and penguin in Google because Google update their algorithm constantly, sometimes often there will be a week to update the situation many times. In this environment, the search engine optimization simply rely on linear calculation and error test is impossible to achieve results. So if you want to quickly analyze data, the need for the contrast test, so that Shanghai dragon Clearly can help you achieve this goal."

According to the parameters of the


Shanghai dragon Clearly is mainly carried out on the e-commerce shopping site, large real estate sites, travel sites and other similar commercial web search engine results in the comprehensive display of noble baby. This software through Google and Google webmaster tools, according to the data obtained directly from Google, launched a series of comparative various analysis report. You can trust the data of Shanghai dragon Clearly.


the next step we need to understand the software what to test, which parameters on your site more useful. Because Shanghai dragon Clearly aims to survey, change your website template for their own data, then you can make all the contents are tested and compared with the target of "own website template, such as your web page picture effect, your headlines, your title tag, content quality, social media link button, banner ads hyperlinks, etc..

you set in advance, this software can make a comparison in a few seconds after the report. For example, if you want to see a picture of "picture" and not worthy of showing what is the difference, then, all you need to do is to set up a two related variables (such as "pictures" and "no" pictures ") test, and then to join you to test the site.

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