Huizhou Shanghai dragon had seen such a sentence, not how much capacity do what is, but the task is much you have.

4. just hit the brand name and how many people will notice? What effect? Do the text chain, regardless of the role again small, at least can play some role on the website of Shanghai dragon, how is better than nothing.

2. for the love of Shanghai has a domain directive for the text, there is a rational function, is definitely yes, but as long as there is a role, even the role of small, less can be more natural and will gradually be reflected.

look at the second question: to find information resources, or can not add hyperlinks, or level is not enough, the need to keep that number, task completion unsatisfactory, efficiency is not high. The Huizhou Shanghai dragon also talk about personal views:


2. again, since we know that important website correlation, the choice of some correlation and high weight nature is better, but can not get, after all, resources are needed time to precipitation, not to rush. What if the links are not on, or strict examination just delete posts, then we can first put on these resources.


1. Shanghai dragon optimization work is not hearsay, after all, everyone opinion not one, and the reason is many online and views, we can only as the reference, Shanghai Longfeng need is more practice to practice, the party has the right to speak

the first question: post, understand the content in the article with the company network brand name, can link, can add hyperlinks and hyperlinks, and not to give up, but do not add pure text chain.

is not small and not good for

and Huizhou Shanghai dragon asked without text chain, and the colleague replied: "because I think it is not so text chain, didn’t do." The reason is because of such understanding of online access to information see. In this regard, I believe that friends opinions are not one, but Huizhou is Shanghai dragon is such a view:


1. in order to make it faster to work, have provided resources to it, but is not used, but to find. Since there are resources, personal feel of resource consolidation, then add resources, so know how to make the best use, the efficiency and quality of work will not be so bad.

Hello, I am Huizhou Shanghai dragon Ye Jianhui. Recently, as the company’s new recruit new colleagues, but one of them let Huizhou Shanghai dragon has feelings, because the new colleagues, after repeatedly stressed and reminding or the existence of these two problems, together with all the analysis.

3. posts are written, and for a pure text links but also copy paste things, so simple, and does not add much work, why not the

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