here I would not say that the chain and the original nonsense, the chain and the original poem what you know. For me, I feel Shanghai dragon is most in need of analysis, summary and feedback. If you only know the hair of the chain, continue to write original then you are not a true Shanghai dragon Er, because these things even a novice webmaster all know that soon.

summary of what? I remember when the Chinese teacher always asks us to sum up the lesson of mathematics, the teacher always asks us to think about the problem, Shanghai dragon is the same reason, after the analysis of the reasons, to make a summary of their own, to avoid the same mistake next time meet.


many people care about the results, and so I don’t understand the meaning of this sentence, for the novice, just look at the results, the ranking is up on behalf of the successful, but also representative of their own learning is the right thing is useful. But I was on the contrary, I think the process is more important, what is the process? Is to insist, every day to update the site, not to see the rankings, always insist on success but sooner or later. This is a kind of self.

what is your analysis? Of today’s data, you publish original, the original is the second, why did this happen? Or you publish original, love Shanghai spider crawling not included this is why? Every number is up, or down, these are analyzed out.

then a novice Shanghai dragon ER should be how to do the best


3, maintain a good attitude

at the beginning of this essay the author said, bad people is impetuous, do Shanghai dragon is long to do the same in the same thing. "

on the contrary results only, the ranking is up, you can ensure that your life is first? "The Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach this sentence, I believe we all understand that up easily, keep ranking is very difficult, because you have in the industry better than you people, these people often walk on you climb.

just engaged in Shanghai dragon in this industry a lot of people don’t know how to pay down, I study in Shanghai Longfeng WHY above, there are a lot of students is a novice, also know the line of the staff, many newcomers to 2,3 months on the love of Shanghai home, I just want to ask you if you just on the 2, 3 months will go up, then the other serious website for several years are you you think this may squeeze it? In fact, this is a very simple reason, but because people impetuous, so many people can not stick to it.

what feedback? Website do for a long time, still no rankings, not included this is why? Website in a week is on the home page, don’t really love Shanghai exhaust

2, Shanghai dragon is most in need of what

1, Shanghai dragon which is more important than the results of

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