I don’t think it’s more expensive to sell and better quality is an upgrade in consumption. Whether the growth of a consumer category, or a phenomenon of consumer products hot, or people talk about the most quality and brand, in fact, are from the product itself dimension to talk about consumer upgrades.

Le bee network is among several B2C to do its own brand first, can also be said to be relatively mature. Li Jing’s own brand of road is, according to each star or cosmetics professionals in the field of expertise, to create their own brand of cosmetics. JPLUS Jing Jia corresponds to Li Jing, JMIXP and JLYNN for cosmetics, small P and Mei Lin customized, which is known as "Daren" brand.

today, let’s talk about a very basic topic, how to define consumer upgrades,

before a Japanese writer three puzhan wrote a book called "fourth times", which referred to a consumer, saying I agree, he said, "the ultimate significance of consumption is how to spend more substantial life".

consumption upgrade in time and user label significance of the four performance, and want to share with you.

some time ago, Li Jing >

, for example, for example, ride a bus.

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, N, Li Jing,

Li Jing’s law of survival refers to the private label. In other words, Le bee network as a cosmetics B2C, sell the brand of others, but also sell their own brand. In addition to Lasafo, jumei, etc. I know every day, drugstore channels are doing its own brand in the attempt, only one purpose, hoping to comeback.

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is also from A to B, what’s the change behind that,

I prefer to understand consumption escalation from the point of view of people, or from the point of view of demand. Because all the people are in the consumer decision, and the decision is driven by demand, the psychological demands of people the most primitive of the decision, as for those quality, brand and price and other factors, some of the more superficial nature reflects people’s needs.


electricity supplier’s life is not good, has not been a day two days, the investment community once talked about electricity providers are pale, a few media companies have already sentenced the death penalty, it is the countdown. The vertical Lasafo place has not been spared, along with Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang and other several platform based electricity supplier war card to come to an end, leaving less room for vertical maneuvers, there are many people dished out the "vertical electric dead" bomb speech.

from last year, or even two years ago, the industry talked about consumer upgrades for a long time, there are many consumer upgrades start-ups emerge.

host, was reluctant to think about the problems with the merchant’s system, but she could no longer avoid the existence of Le bee. If not quickly solve the electricity supplier profitability of this ultimate proposition, how with counterparts in the naked melee safely from the Department, to avoid large platform extrusion, is a pressing matter of the moment.

so my understanding of the consumption upgrade is that people are getting more and more valuable now. People are willing to pay for saving their time, improving their time use, and giving more time to themselves.

someone will talk about the quality of the goods, and some people will talk about the price and brand. My understanding may not be the same as these.

from channel brand to own brand, Li Jing and her bee bee do the earliest, but also do the best, but still far from success. This electricity supplier industry "layman" can go far?

" looks simple, but it is a very deep insight, and can well explain the current trend of consumption escalation in china.

at the end of December 2012, the end of the past, it is north of the coldest, we met Li Jing in the office of the Oriental fashion. To cope with our business magazine, she wore a white uniform for spring and fall, and as soon as she finished taking pictures, she quickly wrapped herself in a thick woolen shawl. Li Jing to electricity supplier winter also have personal feelings?

from my observation of the escalation of consumption, the first performance is, "at the same time, can I do two things,


"I first think about my own law of survival, and then think about what space to live.". As we discuss the private television production company where way, discuss why? You think this two or three program is good, there is good way, well you are a state-owned company game." Li Jing told the start-up nation.

this is now 80 or 90 users higher demands. For example, in the useful at the same time, buy more high value products. A simpler example is that the user wants to buy a pair of sunglasses to block the sun. >

but Li Jing didn’t feel completely secure. "Private brands are risky. Do you want to compete with L’OREAL? Are you going to compete with Procter & Gamble?"."

before, users thought more about getting to the destination. What the user wants now is to be able to experience more beauty at the same time, besides being useful and interesting.

is very simple, from A to B. Originally, when we rent a car, we want to rent a car on the OK, and even we rent all the same santana. There are a variety of car rental services, such as bump car, China auto rental, consumers will think, I want to rent a car Audi TT or 911? I go off-road, can rent a wrangler

" Li Jing, a ?

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