in addition to the traditional CMS and blog program, the webmaster will choose the other site to site, such as quiz, SNS, micro-blog, photo sharing, download and so on all kinds of procedures, and this kind of program is often not good program and team like DEDE CMS. If you have money, everything is not a problem, if not, most of the webmaster can download some free or open source program in the source site to site, how to choose a good Shanghai Longfeng web site optimization program, this paper will answer for you.

fifth standard. For the same page, try to avoid different URL pointing to it. The weight of different URL will distract the page. On the standardization of Web site problems before A5 I wrote an article: "on the web site of the role of the website ranking", are interested can look at.

above is a little of my own experience, is the only program of Shanghai dragon, the actual choice of website program to consider more, such as safety, ease of use, these are not discussed in this paper. The first A5, original, reproduced please indicate the source. >

fourth, relevant content. A good Shanghai dragon website program must have relevant content modules. WordPress is a very popular plug-in plug-in related content. According to the related theme and theme page links can not only highlight the theme of the page in the page, but also can increase the weight of topic page. The relevant content of the module can be said to be the site within the chain construction is the simplest and most effective method.

third, static page generation technology. Although the search engine said their good dynamic pages, but static pages faster browsing, search engines are more likely to include other reasons, owners are more willing to choose one that can generate static pages of website program. Content driven sites are the most used static page technology, such as NetEase news, Sina News, A5, ChinaZ etc..

first, DIV+CSS layout. The use of DIV+CSS layout, the separation of content and performance, the page will be smaller, easier to display content search engine. We know that the page size exceeds a certain amount, the search engine will remove the excess part, which is why we see a snapshot of some sites show only a portion of the content. A typical example is the Sina blog, although Sina blog weight is very high, but the size of the page is still a bad Sina blog Shanghai dragon.

second, the website can customize the header tag. For each page can customize the site head label, at least to the label, and include. Site title, description and keywords, the three will tell the user and search engine the theme of the page, through the analysis of key words, title and description suitable writing often bring better rankings to page.

a good Shanghai Longfeng site procedures, to meet the following:

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