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WordPress is currently is the popular lightweight content management system in China, has the world’s most powerful plug-ins and templates in the circle is very popular, this time we invited domestic famous WordPress community I love Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil bloggers to us how to do good friends of wordpress.

After the

general evaluation result is: the web page for mobile devices, but there is still a space optimization

Click on the

mobile phone access to the Internet, even though I love this kind of similar Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil general application scenarios for the technology blog PC, there are 30% mobile users access to the mobile site, so more and more important, today on the love of Shanghai station, Shanghai station found love also launched a "mobile friendly" tool and also introduced the "love Shanghai search MobileFriendly (mobile friendly) standard V1.0", to help owners establish mobile application website, provide a clear direction for the construction of mobile web site.

love the sea friendly advice and how to optimize

name =14px& =13px name =16px& longitudinal spacing, vertical spacing of =14px


link regional smaller effect size and spacing, the best link:

space is given:

2. page structure: a structure of high-quality pages, not to let the user >

of the main text font size 14px is better, the spacing of size = * (0.42~0.6)

The More and more users now use The optimization of the WordPress

logon love Shanghai webmaster, click on the mobile area > mobile friendly, enter your blog, you can test your blog or website mobile friendly degrees, such as the following is I love Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil blog test report:

1. page loading speed: page load time and can accept user expectations in less than 3 seconds, if the page loading time exceeds 5 seconds, 78% of users will lose patience and choose to leave.

and WordPress

"love Shanghai search MobileFriendly (mobile friendly) standard V1.0" there have been a very detailed description of how to improve the site’s mobile friendly, I am here a few excerpts focus and how to optimize


I just changed the CSS, hide the sidebar and head to advertising, mobile access, love Shanghai station also generally through mobile friendly, it is very easy to implement a WordPress program or.

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