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become a product manager Niubi, which is fed information need to read a tens of thousands of users, and communicate with the mining product shortage; affected by this, used in the medical industry, the first thing to do is to read, online chats and mining search rules, after seeing N patients chat dialogue and search behavior, I summarized, 90% is the first search path search industry, such as Wuxi for * * where good, found a satisfactory SEM landing page or a news source page, when you read the patient carefully designed soft, then search brand word "* * how"; in fact, this gives us a very useful information to the user in each link of possible needs we carefully set up advertising, so that can promote the brand; the most A case in the operation, in accordance with the basic strategy, from either SEM or WeChat or QQ, Shanghai dragon space, potential customers may appear where show advertising, so that we can know you, remember you

three, did not speak a few dry cargo;

two, Shanghai dragon can bring to the company a certain brand promotion;


indeed, as the "Wuxi people" many accounts offer more than 100, "Wuxi computer training" click at the 50 block is normal, in the face of the high cost of advertising a lot of SEM, BOSS was forced to pick up the Shanghai dragon; it is also a good thing, why? We are spending money on SEM. Shanghai dragon field is a blue ocean; in fact we can see the natural ranking of search results, will find that in fact this is a very easy to fix things before I give you a VIP within the group of readers do an experiment, "Suzhou computer training" 5 days home, is actually a perfect little skill, price 50 dollars, ranking first in natural or easy; so many business owners began a frenzied pursuit of learning Shanghai dragon, in fact not the boss want to learn, but it can not recruit a few With the cool! This is why many of the training institutions, as long as you dare to open enrollment, to recruit students the reasons, these details will be described in detail below

SEM, a crazy, to leave Shanghai dragon more space;

today and a VIP reader to explore a problem, network marketing department general company, the degree of attention SEM than Shanghai dragon is much higher in terms of pay and benefits is obviously not a level; but why many companies BOSS are keen to spend big price to learn Shanghai dragon? Now that is not a concern why are willing to spend big price money to learn? I was analyzed, may have the following reasons:

said, whether it is the strength of the institutions or from the industry rules, or from the cost itself; determines the network marketing training institutions most, can’t speak a reliable point of dry cargo, to tell you something, say a few case; I > not reliable

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