website ranking 100 pages are found

third, check the website robots files and meta code page


5. ways to promote specific performance of

on the server if there are multiple sites included are not too stable, and even by cheating serious, for our website is a big influence, once found serious situation, proposed to replace the host.

4. past the site measures taken by

Check the

B. with a server other site is a problem of

open the A. server of

server is not always open, or for a long time is not open, is probably how long

in the forum when active, always see people asking, I love Shanghai site to be punished, who can help me to solve. In fact, for the site, most people still can save yourself. Because only you know the following:

first, check the server status

the above points clear, we can begin to analyze.


1. past and present ranking compared to

sometimes website a lot of revision and change the title search engine will lead to strange feeling on this site, which appears right down the situation. Love said Shanghai told us: update page snapshot whether important additions directly associated with the website itself "the weight", whether "K" is not directly related to. Therefore, the analysis of snapshot can detect whether because the revision to the title and lead down the right situation.




title in Shanghai love match is completely find

search engine has been in improving the user experience of this piece, so a user station only to feel the value, in order to solve the fundamental problem. If a station is reproduced the contents of plagiarism, external links and love Shanghai against spam links, the station is a waste site, be punished very normal. On the contrary, if you feel that your site is not a waste site, but is conducive to the user and suffered injury, or that a cheating way has not reached the point of integration has suffered punishment, can first check the site, then make a decision. Xiao Bian here to share with you the next small operation, if there are different views, welcomed the exchange of.

made Shanghai dragon for a period of time, through their own practice, Shanghai dragon Er should know love Shanghai has a cheating points system, the first two cheating love Shanghai does not immediately punish you, but when it reaches a certain amount, will be punished, the light is right down, then delete all the station.

second, website snapshot analysis

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