two, sell link website

of course at this point, the net strange Shanghai dragon did the training test, when the Scindapsus algorithm, a student ranking moment from the first page to page third to fall, for its analysis, found that the site has not related to Links, so he immediately removed, second days back home ranking and ranking rose to first place.

20 million do not buy

algorithm for Scindapsus, owners should pay attention to what

The ?

love Shanghai algorithm, injury is inevitable, so how can we prevent the site to be search engine friendly fire? And the green algorithm, we optimize the work of the Shanghai dragon how to improve? These problems are all need to be addressed urgently. Then the net strange Shanghai dragon combat training today with algorithm 100% and write Scindapsus detailed strategy, hope to all the webmaster of the Shanghai dragon optimization can provide some help!

Every update


, a hyperlink intermediary website

buy links refers to the money to buy other website hyperlink, in an attempt to improve their website weight and website ranking.

now love Shanghai focus on buying links, if you wind the crime, the degree of danger as can be imagined. Do not say must be found, but if one but is found, then you >

released from the love of Shanghai "green" algorithm so far, many Internet sites have been K, be right down, some of which are cheating was hit, some webmaster is injured, a time on the network Voices of discontent.

three, buy links

What is the

1. do not exchange related industries Links


algorithm is a relatively severe Scindapsus for this one blow, if a site has too many irrelevant friendship that link, love Shanghai will think the website Links not for users, only to improve website ranking and do, so there may be search engine punishment.

site is to sell links through the sale of their website hyperlinks to obtain the benefits of web site.



hyperlink is a bridge between intermediary website links to buy and sell webmaster webmaster link, similar to Taobao within third party platform.

for the "green" algorithm most owners are not unfamiliar, but small part may not be very understanding and familiar, in 2013 February, love Shanghai launched the "green" algorithm, the main intention is to combat effects through hyperlinks. This way the ranking of search results and link trading behavior.

algorithm is what type of combat Scindapsus website

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