1. do the most important thing is to choose a good domain name domain name, determines the success of the site this half of you. Why? I think many people will say too exaggerated! Oh, is not an exaggeration! Even more is not an exaggeration to say that the good domain determines whether you use methods and to what you can do with the sea main keywords ranking first. I like the back of the site, how can not be the first, because my site no matter what you do is a large chain that without 2 websites…… The site is not the front, but to do the main keywords I pay much more than the first bite site in front of the first efforts it

2. web sites selected content template is very important, and sometimes is a key to decide the success of the site! At the beginning of my two websites are dynamic get with the ASP page, I found love in Shanghai included a very slow, often open a web page open space (not too bad, but the site for access database, open each page needs to call the database on the server, the pressure is slightly larger, a little bit more than the contents of the database, web page open hard) there is no way they can find the dynamic single page to static code, the "most of it but also the beginning of static! Don’t think, after half a month he would not stand, because the management of two sites if only the content management, fine; if the evening to administer the site, also want to move for a chain, During the day to do other things, dynamically generated static content pages every day a page of a page of the workload (each website updated 20 pages, two pages of a website is 30 -40) is too big, there is no way again on the Internet for a content management system, two sites to find space, re set the page, columns, keywords, re upload the content, do a lot of work, this time found love in Shanghai did not appreciate, two sites disappeared in Shanghai love search results, I found.

3. the purpose of issuing the chain is very important! Website search results disappear in the world. How can I do? Not discouraged! When is to do the two new sites (this time the mentality is very important)! I was a day sooner or later updates, of course, is the original (under the original capital, to buy their own to others from the Shanghai dragon made a series of lectures, you can go to the station I get around to watch, not much else to say), then.


I stop is: www.jieyitong2贵族宝贝 (administrator understanding ah, I just take these two sites that, do not stick a URL can not explain the problem ah) before and after the line to now have more than 3 months, in front of the keywords love Shanghai ranked (because Post Bar above is not convenient, not on the now) in the fourth and sixth pages, behind that on page 10 is no trace, below I say I do stand three months experience


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