this view is the traditional Shanghai dragon road is already more and more narrow, we must put the Shanghai dragon vision and thinking to the whole network marketing. Instead of the entire site. A simple search engine hanging on a line, it’s too dangerous. For example, some time ago I saw a good site in the A5 sale, bid ten thousand yuan, followed by some of the comments was. Is that this website is worth the price, I looked at the site is good, just because the search engine drop right now, that did not drop right before is worth the price, once the drop right or be K estimation for others nobody wants. This is the Shanghai dragon in network marketing in the cup, if the station will again put on a good flow chart on the site behind. Tell others even if my site is in love with the sea K again how, still in a strong flow, but also the value of a value of eight thousand, believe that the webmaster will not abuse, but should put up your thumb.

as the saying goes to look at other people’s stories, to their own life, if my site is supposed to do? I am currently all website traffic from search engines, but after several search engine performance is fairly good, with seventy percent sea, as search dogs, 360 search, Google can point to flow, even fall in love with the sea K, not a little traffic does, but if lost love in Shanghai traffic. No one will believe that sending station, due to the recent period of time, determined to learn about the video marketing. Every day with the time spent on video marketing is only two to three hours, can lead to twenty percent current flow, and video marketing is a count of the accumulated operation. A video can exist for a long time, so you for several hours every day, accumulated a long time, I believe that the flow will be more and more. And I believe it will be to search engine optimization is a kind of role.

love Shanghai "Crazy" over the years is not the algorithm upgrade fast, fast changing, and many websites to let the webmaster be caught off guard. Often see in micro-blog and QQ group and forum is to change, Shanghai dragon can not mix, actually I don’t think so. A real spirit in Shanghai Longfeng personnel should have a good attitude, with the pace of change in their search engine, market insight, and the needs of users to upgrade, even for users to see the future trend of thought, this is the real future of Shanghai dragon Er should have the spirit of. And not a little change, suffered a setback on the line to which industry does not change, in fact, what the industry competition. After a change this year love Shanghai so strong, I was deeply touched, the author is constantly thinking of Shanghai dragon in a way where.

This year’s

through this several big adjustment algorithm, the trend is clear, small site traffic will be less and less. Large flow will tend to the brand website, such as the open platform, the medical industry is a good doctor to occupy a lot of traffic. >

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