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domestic industry is in turmoil, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners with uneven in quality level, Shanghai dragon emerge in an endless stream pseudo experts, a large number of people will follow the so-called experts into errors, but for those "experts" sent a large number of gold and silver. Lack of supervision of the Internet industry is the leading cause of this is fundamental for anyone to enter, the lack of necessary supervision, will inevitably lead to the whole industry impetuous and most of the holding fishing run mentality, several people in the majority of Shanghai dragon industry network composed of the company also probably hold this kind of mentality to make quick money and I can’t say who is right and who is wrong, everyone’s money in different ways, so the view will be different. But from my personal point of view, or in favor of Shanghai Longfeng formal and responsible to the customer.

is the largest search engine love Shanghai grow not only solve the employment problem of many people, but also to feed a large number of Shanghai dragon network company, the network company in Shanghai Shanghai dragon most love is blind and is not clear, just from the customer in defrauding Shoufu, behind settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. As an entrepreneur, I was very despise these behaviors, first deceive customers, in addition to deceive themselves, this money back with infamy things I despise, why many Internet companies not to have sex in Shanghai Shanghai dragon, mainly because of fear do not go up, the more afraid of customer complaints, reason the simplest is they did not find the effective way to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, targeted is the root of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon. Said the situation so many domestic Shanghai dragon industry, or back to the topic, talk about how targeted do love Shanghai Shanghai dragon.

sex of the second points is to let network >

Shanghai dragon

, adjust the site structure to facilitate the love of Shanghai spiders crawl

two, promotion website included quantity make your site high weight

received the love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng list, the first thing I do is to adjust the structure of the website, these 1 words are thinning down perhaps can not finish. The website structure is indeed one of the most important part of the work site optimization, such as site three factors on the influence of the ranking, you can see an article "before the site in the three elements of Shanghai dragon can not be ignored in several roles.". Shanghai sex ranking, must be able to know what you want to get the ranking and ranking the first page about the scope of the 10 position, the first and the tenth big gap, tenth and second pages have what difference, let the ranking to the top three position so we have to think, the first step structure it is very important to consider. The adjustment of the structure including static URL website, each page title will be out of the ordinary, the site code is modified, the website various details of the adjustment, the purpose of doing so is to love Shanghai enough smooth line spider crawling web content, this is the first step to get good rankings.

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