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for? The user or search engine? The search engine is to do is not the user who?

must be combined with the user search habits to write, the search engine is to provide the correct content as a guide, not just to find some rubbish to let the user experience, the search engine that you will eventually be abandoned, the original article to write the content is consistent with the content of the web site, for example, one is Shanghai dragon blog website do you often write some life log you, feel that since there are people to visit your website? If you write about Shanghai dragon to answer the questions, that’s not a popularity rose faster, feel what you write good, will be reproduced to help you spread, and is free of charge, Why not??

is actually very simple, such as the Shanghai dragon industry, this is not difficult, you met in Shanghai Longfeng practice question in the process of writing, thus forming a high quality articles, but must be the love of Shanghai included, can be used as the title to your content search ranking no, it must not be ranked high quality articles? As long as you write the content is beautiful enough, a large number of users click and comments, or even free of charge to help you do the chain, is the so-called reprint, there are also some hateful people without copyright, so your pages ranking improved, the chain is also natural rose, who do not want to shoot two hawks with one arrow thing to do.

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Shanghai Longfeng celebrity blog, which is not very popular, readability is very high, there are many people reproduced, you always reproduced or pseudo original content, then you don’t blame the search engine does not recognize.

is now the most tragic thing is that the Internet is hard to force the Shanghai dragon Er pseudo original out of debris, with the tools of collecting a large number of relevant content, but very poor readability, others write at least log much stronger than you, such as selling clothes, can write their own shopping experience. You must have tried to introduce your products to customers, to slowly make customers believe that your product is always boasting, customers are afraid to you here to buy things, after all, is the pseudo original content to the search engines to see, this method can guarantee you can continue to

original article, many people say that Shanghai dragon is very simple, is the original articles and links, the original article is high quality articles, readable, can give the user to solve the problem, the link is inside and outside the chain chain, the original article is not to let you go online to extract some content to be included in search engines can be perfunctory what does that mean, you have seen the contents of

what is the original article, many owners think is not the original article in Shanghai love search, this view is wrong, some with the title, not search ranking, this is what? Represents your site weight is too low, there are a lot of people asked me how to write so many original articles love Shanghai or not included, ranking how not to go up, this situation is too much, what kind of article is really the "original"

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