each article is part of the ocean of knowledge, only constantly updated to attract users increase, attract spider. The user you ultimately want is to open the site, content or service. Because of this demand, the website can continue to progress, retain customers, achieve profitability. The spider is the same, it will be more focused on your site, if your station does not update, spiders can’t eat the new food. Update the number, there is no fixed number of articles, as long as their good habits.

increase 1-2 chain

1, the site added blood (article) will do

chain has been a basis for ranking, the chain, the quality is good, the search engine will give your site points. So every day to add the chain, to ensure the quality, to ensure that the number of. Do step, regularly adding outside chain is not easy, need foreign chains are analyzed and summarized, the selection of included fast, good outside chain website. The analysis used domain:+ chain website. Summarize the chain, you can according to the site’s ranking, PR, snapshot summary.

2, for the websiteThe

traffic has been the Shanghai dragon Er are most concerned about the source of traffic is stable, the best day to record a number, analyze the source of traffic depends on what factors, we can better grasp the source of traffic.

website and search engine changes are taking place every day, some stood the start of good quality, but the site later is not stable, the loss of users, we will promptly remove this station, because it is very easy to fall into their own websites, so check every day. Or other site link removed, not to explain the factors such as. A new station should pay more attention, because the search engine will have a period of it, the new flow increased, the chain stability, search engine through examination, to have good rankings.


3, check Links

during the holidays, everyone is busy, because working out a friend, a year also do not have a few times with my family. This Tomb-sweeping Day many Shanghai dragon Er friends all went home, some sacrifice for their loved ones to buy a tribute, buy some paper money to send money, some go to the cemetery, some incense burning incense to court for security and peace. So I think, a Shanghai dragon er not only do SEO, because there needs him, relatives need him. But a busy day of Shanghai dragon Er, night out there every time, check the website ranking, included check the website links, etc.. Well, a busy day, I enumerate every day will do the job, perhaps to help you.

4, pay attention to traffic sources and included


website is normal, how much is the number of included, included the time about what it is, you should always do a record, we will help you. What column of the collected articles, why this column included in the article, the other columns included less I > why?

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