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Anyone who doesn’t cover extremities while planning to be outside for an extended period of timeShould Super Bowl attendees be worried about frostbiteWhen Salt Lake City hosted the Olympics many spectators got severe frostbite Mohr said He expects a similar problem during the Super Bowl"It’s not only a possibility it’s a probability I think the community does need to prepare for that" Mohr saidBut city organizers are trying to switch gears on the six one-way lanes in an effort to make the town’s main drag feel a little less like a drag race and a lot more like a comfortable Sunday strollCity Administrator Shannon Stassen said planners are working closely with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and other groups to create what they hope will be a safer more pedestrian- and bike-friendly Main and BroadwayThough there is plenty of research consulting and design work ahead Stassen says MnDOT already has determined Crookston is an "ideal candidate for a road diet"What is thatIn engineering terms a road diet is described as a way to narrow a city’s spacious traffic footprint without adversely impacting regular traffic flow In the case of Crookston it very likely also would add a healthy transportation balance by eliminating one motor vehicle lane from each of the two arterial roadways to make room for bike lanes"Our downtown traffic patterns speed and flow were something identified as a barrier for pedestrians and bikers" Stassen said "People tend to drive to the speed they feel comfortable with and not necessarily the speed limit We want to create an environment that encourages people to drive a little bit more slowly"Shrinking the lanes is expected to do just that he said and it also makes possible other options for "traffic calming measures""Things like diagonal parking widening of sidewalks and bump-outs for outdoor seating really have the effect of slowing people down" Stassen said "Designing a corridor that feels safe and (one that) is complementary to retail and restaurants is really important"The intended effect would give local drivers—and visitors just passing through—more reason to slow down take notice of what the downtown has to offer and maybe decide to stay awhileAmanda Lien executive director of the Crookston Area Chamber and Visitors Bureau said the road diet and other downtown initiatives have been part of the community conversation for years and now are main tenets in the city’s working master planThe downtown was flagged as a key driver for the city and led to the recent creation of the Downtown Crookston Development Partnership charged with the goal to work toward the national and Minnesota Main Street programs "The downtown is the heart of our community and it speaks well to our visitors our residents and potential employees" Lien said "The development of the downtown only helps our current businesses be more successful and stronger whether they’re located downtown or not"I just think it’s such a great initiative It’s something the community is behind and has supported for many many years It builds enthusiasm and motivation with those who live here and attracts additional people to our community"Next stepsStassen and Lien said Crookston residents will have at least two opportunities next month to learn more about the road diet and other initiatives A community forum is planned from noon to 7 pm June 2 in the downtown Fournet Building in conjunction with a historic buildings tour The tour continues the next daySketches from JLG Architects of Grand Forks will be on hand to give people an idea of the possibilities Stassen said The Chamber and Downtown Partnership group are spearheading the event"We are seeking community input on what they would like to see their downtown look like in terms of land use amenities signage bike paths sidewalks parklets and all kinds of stuff" Stassen said "JLG put together some really cool ideas There will be some images for people to mark up and put sticky notes on and give feedback in many ways All of that will be tabulated to put together a plan the community wants to see That’s important"On June 20 consultants from Bike Minnesota will conduct a bike workshop and a community bike tour also is planned to help identify possible challenges and opportunitiesFunding timelineStassen said it’s too early to speculate on a total cost for the project but he said it most likely would be rolled out in phases because of its size and scope Funding also is expected to come from several sources including the city and stateFinalizing a solid master plan is the first priority he said and that is expected before the end of August Then organizers will "get really busy writing grants""We’ll turn over every stone to find funding for this" he said "We’d love to see this all in place in three years . We’re trying to fast-track it but there are some things you can’t push any faster than they actually go"It can be easy to say “I’m going to eat more vegetables” But when it comes down to it many of us fall short of our daily needs Pack in the veggies and the flavor with these 95 creative ways to boost your meals drinks and snacks 1 Let seasonal produce shine Our Spring Vegetable Grain Bowl which uses raw shaved veggies as well as English peas creates a whole-grain meal packed with nutrients 2 Plant your own vegetable garden It’s hard to avoid eating healthier when fresh fruits and veggies are growing in your own backyard 3 Feature a new vegetable each week Experiment with new and seasonal vegetables and invite friends over to try new dishes together 4 Bag the bread and instead wrap your sandwich inside a leafy green or try one of these healthy lettuce wrap recipes 5 Cook more greens Chef Jenn Louis’ new cookbook The Book of Greens boasts an encyclopedic yet engaging collection of recipes for everything from kale and collards to tatsoi and purslane 6 Pick your own seasonal produce or visit the farmers’ market for a fun weekend activity to get up close and personal with farmers and their crops 7 Dine in for date-night dinner Forget the steak In our Shiitake and Asparagus Sauté with Poached Eggs recipe earthy meaty shiitake mushrooms balance lemony asparagus and a rich perfectly poached egg for a meal portioned for two 8 Pack them into pasta sauce Vegetables like mushrooms onions and peas can amp up the flavor and nutrients Consider starting with our Mostly Veggie Pasta with Sausage recipe We reverse the typical meat to marinara ratio and use sausage as the flavor agent instead of the base and add in plenty of vegetables 9 Fish-free sushi isn’t just cheaper to make it also gives you a chance to really pack in the vegetables Shiitake mushrooms avocado and cucumber are just a few of our favorites 10 Dress for success by shaking together a few pantry staples to create additive-free lower-sodium dressings that are perfect for veggie dipping or tossing 11 Blend them into your favorite smoothie Check out our Best Green Smoothie Recipes 12 Add them to eggs Vegetables make excellent additions to omelets frittatas and breakfast sandwiches Eggs are already a great source of protein so up the nutrition factor by filling them full of colorful vegetables 13 Sneak them into your morning muffin These zucchini muffins make a delicious breakfast on-the-go 14 Toss them in a stir-fry like our Szechuan Tofu with Cauliflower for a quick and easy dish for Meatless Monday 15 Save the stalks Stalks from broccoli and cauliflower are edible and eye-openingly delicious Save outer peels for stock and shave the stems into salads or sauté roast or steam them just as you would the florets 16 Swap your usual salad and opt for a vegetable salad We use a mandoline in our Baby Vegetable Salad to create thin even slices dressed with olive oil honey lemon juice as well as fresh tarragon and dill 17 Shred up a slaw Cabbage is the classic go-to but other veggies like zucchini or bok choy make wonderful slaw side dishes 18 Amp up your cheese board with the addition of vegetables Thinly sliced cucumbers and radishes make for excellent palate cleansers and any pickled veggies will create a balanced board 19 Buy a CSA Box Support your community by purchasing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers and usually available for weekly delivery 20 Stir them into a stew Our saucy Chicken and Poblano Stew with Polenta is a Mexican twist on Italian comfort food especially when served over creamy polenta 21 Get juiced by creating drinkable vegetables Recover from a late night or just pump up your morning with flavorful veggie juices Juicing is a great way to get a servingor twoof plant-based nutrients in a single glass 22 Stuff them into sandwiches Rich in vitamins and antioxidants vegetables also add nice crunch and flavor to sandwiches 23 Feature them in spring-inspired cakes Vegetable cakes that is We combine zucchini and shrimp in our Zucchini and Shrimp Cakes then top them with a Snap Pea Relish 24 Rethink your steak Go entirely plant-based at dinnertime by opting for Broccoli Steaks or Cauliflower Steaks 25 Turn them into chips Whether you’re thinking zucchini beet or sweet potato our healthy homemade chips help you eat more veggies and save you tons of fat and sodium 26 Learn how to create beautiful salads that are balanced colorful and brilliantly simple 27 Snack your way through dinner with our favorite new trend Load up a sheet pan with fresh veggies fruit and other goodies to make a DIY dish that the whole family will love 28 Pickle and preserve them Turn surplus veggies into a quick pickle to use throughout the weekor a sealed batch to last months 29 Eat by color Make the effort to eat a colorful diet and you’ll eat more fruits and vegetables 30 Savor them in a meatless main like our Chickpea Panzanella filled with artichoke hearts cherry tomatoes and red onion 31 Adopt a plan-forward approach to Mexican food with smoky salsa satisfying veggie tacos and saucy enchiladas 32 Bake them into a tart or savory pie By pairing a load of vegetables with a little meat and sauce you’ve automatically got a filling and nutritious meal 33 Snack on them as you cook Toss potato carrot and parsnip peels with a little oil salt and pepper and bake at 400F for 10 minutes or until browned and crisp They’re delicious 34 Stuff them into lean cuts of meat High-flavor ingredients like fresh baby spinach embellishes our succulent pork loin in an elegant slow cooker main 35 Use our cookbook Everyday Vegetarian: A Delicious Guide for Creating More Than 150 Meatless Dishes for new recipe inspiration 36 Go frozen It’s always vegetable season in your freezer and frozen still boasts stellar nutritional value 37 Pulverize them for a quick dip Sweet peas offset the kicky heat of wasabi in our Pea and Wasabi Dipa zippy alternative to hummus 38 Swap sweet potatoes for wheat-products Sweet Potato Crust Quiche is a reader favorite while thinly slicing the tuber and toasting it can also make for a great gluten-free breakfast option 39 Make stock Save tough outer peels and snipped parts of turnips rutabagas squash and beans; mushroom stems; bell pepper scraps; and other odds and ends to make vegetable stock 40 Whip out waffles to keep your daily vegetable-intake going Sweet potato waffles can be dressed up to be sweet or savory and you can always add a bit of shredded zucchini to your family’s favorite recipe for a zucchini bread-like twist 41 Make over your lasagna Our healthy veggie lasagna will make your taste buds sing 42 Designate the start of each week as “Meatless Monday” and eat only plant-based the entire day 43 Feature them at your next barbeque That’s right throw those veggies on the grill Our grilled fruit and vegetable recipes showcase some of our tastiest combinations 44 Make greater gravy by adding in vegetables during the cooking process Mushrooms and spinach will add rich flavor and texture 45 Use the whole vegetable Some veggies like turnips or beets are often bought for their roots alone Utilize their tasty tops too and cook up the greens for extra vegetables at your next meal 46 Take the pie road By that we mean create healthy homemade pizzas supercharged with veggie toppings that fill nutritional goals for the day 47 Bake them into your favorite dessertlike Mom’s Rhubarb-Apple Crisp 48 Double the portions Double the amount of vegetables in a recipewhen you canto reach your goals faster Same goes for portioning out raw fruits and vegetables for snacks 49 Use them to top your favorite breakfast food 50 Stir into soups Take advantage of spring produce (or use up what’s leftover) to create vegetable soups that satisfy any time of year 51 Turn them into tasty vessels by stuffing vegetables with foods like quinoa couscous falafel and more 52 Pack veggies into pesto The food processor will do all the work for you Make your favorite pesto recipe and add in a handful of spinach or some cooked mild vegetables (zucchini is great) to bulk up the sauce 53 Keep them visible Your mindas well as your bodyis responsible for many of the food choices we make so put fruit and vegetables where you can see them Research shows where we store food has much to do with what we consume 54 Fire up the slow cooker Use your favorite appliance to help you create hands-free vegetable dishes that are sure to please 55 Fry vegetables into fritters Whether you go traditional with something like latkes or get adventurous with our Indian-Spiced Pea Fritters recipe shredding or mashing veggies can create wonderfully crispy cakes 56 Buy precut vegetables Snagging veggies that are ready to eat saves on prep times and give you quick options for lunch or snack 57 Dunk them in your favorite dip Instead of reaching for chips try dipping carrots broccoli and bell peppers into hummus homemade salad dressing pesto or peanut butter 58 Makeover your mash Make mashed potatoes healthier and creamier by adding roasted cauliflower 59 Keep track of what you eat Writing down everything you consume during the day will help you eat more mindfully 60 Thicken soups and stews with vegetables Okra is a natural thickener (gumbo anyone) and so are starchy foods like potatoes If a creamy soup is what you desire blending up cooked corn or cauliflower will result in rich tasting but still light dishes 61 Swap your spaghetti Try new noodles by spiralizing veggies into long strands Twirl up a forkful and you won’t even miss the pasta 62 Set a goal As a nation we know we’re not eating enough fruits and veggies But how much is enough See our handy guide to learn how much you should be eating based on your age gender and physical activity 63 Mix up your meatloaf and save over 260 calories per serving Mushrooms and peas are just two of the secret ingredients for a better plant-packed dish 64 Start with an appetizer Start with vegetable soup or a healthy dip paired with vegetable strips You’ll get an extra portion in and curb your appetite so you don’t overeat 65 Create a hash by chopping and tossing together almost any veggie you have on hand Carrots peppers onions tomatoes and more have a place in this modern meat-and-potatoes dish 66 Try them dried Satisfy your cravings for something crunchy by noshing on vegetable chips or dehydrated vegetables They’re still nutritious and delicious for snacking 67 Bag them Portion out baby carrots cucumber cherry tomatoes cucumber strips snow peas bell peppers and other veggies into individual bags so they’re easily accessible when hunger strikes 68 Build a better bolognese with a veggie-packed recipe Butternut noodles and mushroom-filled sauce can trick even the most refined palate into thinking they’re indulging 69 Pile them on a potato Dress potatoes with grilled vegetables steamed broccoli caramelized onions and mushrooms or whatever flavor combinations you love 70 Char up some flavor by blistering vegetables Broiling veggies like green beans or asparagus lead to a wonderful extra flavor without much extra effort 71 Rethink your rice Our cauliflower “rice” delivers a light and fluffy texture that you’ll love Dish it up as a side serve it with stir-fry or mix it with homemade sushi 72 Flip your burger by cooking up a Mushroom-Beef Burger or even better a veggie burger 73 Gussy them up with a glaze Amp up cooked vegetables by tossing them in a glaze like sweet chili sauce or thin BBQ and cooking for a few minutes to create a deliciously thick coating 74 Build the best bowls by relying more on vegetables than grains or meat Create a base of cooked or raw veggies extra points if they’re spiralized to bulk things up without adding too many calories 75 Change up Taco Tuesday by focusing on veggie-forward toppings and sides Skip rice and serve Purslane in Green Salsa or Esquites (Corn Salad) on the side while topping your main dish with Salsa Chipotle 76 Take your toast to a new level by adding in veggies While avocado may be your first choice it’s actually a fruit Some great vegetable options are sprouts chopped cherry tomatoes cooked kale shaved carrots and more 77 Start the day with a salad While they might seem the opposite of regular morning fare breakfast salads are full of fresh flavor (and veggies) while still nodding at tradition by keeping ingredients like eggs and bacon 78 Cook up a jar of savory jam to use all week long Our favorite ways are to toss it into pasta salads top pizzas and slather on sandwiches 79 Pair with fruit Get your daily intake of both fruits and veggies by throwing the two together in dishes like mango salsa salads and fruity gazpachos 80 Make it all in one pot Nobody wants to make extra dishes so one-pot recipes like Sweet-and-Sour Carrots make the meal and clean up so much easier 81 Choose them for their benefits It’s easy to cook for taste alone but getting to know immunity-boosting recipes that rely on ingredients like carrots and mushrooms may just help you through the allergy or flu seasons 82 Dehydrating vegetables can be the ‘cooking’ option few think of Either invest in a dehydrator or set your oven at a low temperature to create veggie chips fruit leathers and more 83 Go half and half Replace half of your main ingredient with veggies like in Creamy Carrot and Herb Linguine to bulk up your meal and give you a vegetable boost 84 Say cheese with a drizzle of decadent sauce which can instantly upgrade a bowl of steamed veggies Keep it light but still indulgent feeling with our healthier cheese sauce 85 Change up your deviled eggs by blending vegetables in with the creamy filling This makes a particularly impressive display if you use bright produce like beets or peas 86 Pep up polenta by blending in creamy white vegetables like cauliflower or turnips 87 Serve up smoky flavor by using the easy technique of cold smoking on vegetables Now there’s no need to fire up the grill for amped up veggies 88 Make the vegetables the dish Some veggie recipes like Spaghetti Squash Lasagna bake into a perfectly packaged dish making plates totally unnecessary 89 Roll out the ravioli and make it even better by adding in veggies Creamy vegetables like butternut squash or pureed spinach make for great pasta fillings 90 Create caramelized goodness by cooking veggies low-and-slow The results of this are tender and ultra rich vegetables 91 Hasselback your next veggie of choice for a fun dinner side Thinly slice foods like potatoes zucchini or even carrots to create an evenly cooked but lightly crispy dish 92 Skip the fries Next time they ask if you want fries for that say no and ask for a salad instead Or if fries are a must have opt for a healthier version like these Chili-Cheese Spiralizer Fries 93 Plan ahead While eating more vegetables may sound fantastic the reality is that busy schedules often make the daily washing trimming chopping and roasting of fresh food unrealistic Consider prepping the week’s vegetables over the weekend so it’s easier for you to grab and cook 94 Start every meal with a salad You may not want to eat multiple salads everyday forever but it’s a great place to start 95 Make life easier Invest in a reasonably priced all-purpose chef’s knife The sharp tool will make quick and efficient work of any kind of vegetable butchery This article originally appeared on CookingLightcom Contact us at [email protected] teams participating in this year’s World Cup have team-wide bans on having sex before games because coaches believe it could interfere with performance "There will be no sex in Brazil” Safet Susic the coach of Bosnia-Herzegovinas national soccer team told reporters “I am not interested what the other coaches do This is not a holiday trip we are there to play football at the World Cup" Abstinence is not a phenomenon reserved for the World Cup; several Olympic teams have taken temporary vows of celibacy during the games (though that has not stopped Olympic villages from running out of thousands of condoms) It’s even reported that boxer Muhammad Ali refused to have sex six weeks before a match However there’s a lack of evidence proving sex makes people worseor betterat sports “It’s often talked about but it has not been shown to be true” says sports medicine physician Dr Jordan Metzel “There are lots of factors that could account for how a player performs” For instance doing the deed can take time away from getting enough shuteye and getting enough sleep is non-negotiable for peak performance (French players are allowed to have sex but “not all night” the team’s former doctor told 20Minutesfr) The authors of a 2000 study note that former New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel once said: "It’s not the sex that wrecks these guys it’s staying up all night looking for it" There have been few studies looking specifically at sex and athletic performance but results were inconclusive For example a mid-90s study looked at the effects of sex on measures like aerobic power and oxygen pulse among 11 men running on treadmills The men were tested twice once having sex 12 hours before and once without sex Putting aside the fact that it was a very small sample size with limited testing the data came back showing the results from both experiments were no different Another review of 31 studies on sex and athletics published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine found weak evidence that having sex the night before competition affects performance Exhaustion cannot be a great factor since most sexual intercourse burns only 2550 caloriesthe equivalent of walking up two flights of stairs The authors of that research conclude that it likely just depends on the person Some may feel that sex helps them relieve anxiety while for others it becomes a distraction There’s also the possibility that sex during major athletic events leads to distractions Some teams like Nigeria only allow players to have sex with their wives Perhaps it’s because the hook-up scene can becoming distracting “There was a point where I had to be like OK this is way too distracting I deleted my [Tinder] account to focus on the Olympics”American snowboarder Jamie Anderson told reporters However no studies have looked at the psychological effects of having sex before a game and whether athletes believe sex helps or harms them which may be more important “In sports people have all kinds of theories even if it’s not medically substantiated For instance: compression gear for speed and titanium necklaces for performance” says Dr Metzel “We don’t have scientific evidence to back those claims but if players think abstaining from sex helps them it may give them a psychological edge” Many athletes have pre-game rituals or lucky tokens and some research has shown that these superstitions actually improve performance So perhaps a team sex-ban technically isn’t doing much for performance on the field but when it comes to getting in the right mindset it’s not out of the question that it could make all the difference for some players Contact us at [email protected] are the symptoms?The accusations prompted then-GovC.K. which revealed the offshore banking affairs of several heads of state.

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Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. came during a heat wave that raised already sweltering temperatures across the region even higher. But were not gonna kid you: many of our experts skipped right past the nutritionals and into pure cheese hedonism.

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