Huangyuan County town planning and construction in 2012 achieved remarkable results

2012 County town planning and construction in Huangyuan


2012, Huangyuan county around the mountain, the ancient city of Watertown, subject construction and the Huangshui River, the river drops "two rivers and four banks" overall development of ideas, focus on promoting the road, landscape, square, public infrastructure and real estate development projects, the effectiveness of the construction of urban planning is significant, showing greater efforts, more investment, speed superior quality situation.

project construction is steadily advancing. 2012 years, the construction of Huangyuan road sidewalk remediation project, the construction of the East Road Central heating projects, affordable housing construction projects, real estate projects and other ten projects have been fully started. The Hechi Han Bridge and approach road construction, West Street extension road projects seven projects have started construction. County Road, East Road, traffic road, north of the city, Binhe Road, river water and other areas of a total area of 6099 square meters of green projects.

two is planning to gradually improve. in accordance with the general requirements of the development of the county, commissioned by the Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute of the overall planning of the city of Huangyuan for the preparation, has now passed the preliminary examination of the outline of the plan. To complete the preparation of the sun, Dong Xia temple, village town planning, township and village 13 drops "100 villages and demonstration" Ba Yan Xiang Xia Si Village 14 hundred enterprises Union hundred villages "village planning and the rest of the 113" 1000 village construction, 100 village demonstration project of village planning. In the ancient city of Dan two, pool area, Han GA Zhuang area, the old city area and control regulations are stepping up preparation in.

three is the construction industry management level. continue to strengthen the supervision of the quality of the project, the organization held a county construction quality and safety training courses, and the county construction site quality and safety inspection, has carried out 5 dragnet inspection. Conscientiously implement the project quality responsibility system, and the construction units signed a responsibility for production safety, and take the "weekly", "month" approach, the quality of the project to carry out routine monitoring system. Up to now, the county has not taken place in the field of construction safety accidents.






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