smoked a cigarette, used paper, drink the empty beverage bottles, for the convenience of the people in the car window from the inside outward with a cast, and the cast, but in virtually increase the workload of sanitation workers, some of them work every day for nearly 20 hours can not be completely maintained Xining city environment clean and tidy.

traffic renewalconstruction to pick up bottles of

signs of danger appearing everywhere.

August 23rd, the reporter saw such a scene in the Qaidam road bus station: a bus by the station, someone threw a empty bottle from behind the window, the empty bottles and was ready to get on the bus passengers kick into the middle of the road. At this time, wearing a vest after the sanitation workers to see, came forward to clean up, he walked in the traffic, so people can not help but pinch a cold sweat for him. Afterward, the reporter interviewed the sanitation workers, he told reporters, although know this is very dangerous, but there is no way, some people do not consciously, as the sanitation workers in order to keep the city clean, only to pick up the adventure.

crossroads into the car window parabolic disaster

August 23rd, the reporter saw in the road and Bridge Street the crossroads, when the red light wave of the car, at the crossroads on the road was throwing a lot of garbage, there are cigarette butts, confetti, shell, melon skin, empty bottles, and even the whole plastic bags. In this section of the sanitation workers told reporters, the male driver in the red light when used to pick on a cigarette, smoked just a throw, and some drivers are while the other lights, clean the cab, then the car inside the garbage all left, so whenever a vehicle off crossroads, rubbish is thrown everywhere.

Street store will be green when the trash bin

near the bridge street in Qilian Road, there are many restaurants along the street shops in front of the gate of the green belt as the "trash", many restaurant staff will be leftover bones, bones and even leftovers all poured into the green belt in the area of environmental health, in order to maintain clean sanitation workers had to hand to dig these garbage within the green belt. A sanitation worker told reporters, paper, plastic bags such garbage is relatively clean, afraid of the restaurant will be leftovers into the green belt, it is difficult to clean up. (author: Wang Qiong)

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