in order to steadily promote the reform of institutions, to further strengthen and standardize the organization management, make more optimized, making resource allocation in Datong County in August 10th, Datong County inspection agencies preparation leading group office organized the establishment of verification work for the mobilization of the general assembly, arrangements for the preparation of verification institutions in Datong County, the county towns, all departments and units, people’s organizations responsible comrades and personnel engaged in the compilation of statistics staff attended the meeting.

meeting to convey learning "for verification of Datong County mechanism implementation plan", on the compilation of verification purposes, contents and steps made careful arrangements, and put forward the requirements for successfully organize organization verification work. County Party committee, deputy magistrate of the county government, the County Department of the leading group for the preparation of verification of the leadership of Comrade Li Shiying and township and department representatives signed a verification letter of commitment, and made an important speech.

Comrade Li Shiying stressed: one to unify their thinking, fully understand the importance of the organization of the preparation of verification. organization is an important resource of the ruling party and the national security system, so we use, the use of public power, through the verification, find out the situation, grasp the base, strengthen the long-term construction, the establishment of a more scientific and standardized management system foundation, good sound and rapid development for the realization of the county economic society. two to grasp the focus, the full completion of the organization to verify the task. should pay attention to the effect, do a good job in preparation. To make arrangements for the focus on key issues, do the work fine, do, do, ensure the schedule and quality inspection organization. To focus on quality, do a good job in the implementation of links. Through the verification, accurately grasp the actual situation of basic establishment, personnel, financial support personnel, to achieve "WQ" target, in an orderly manner in accordance with the regulations, can not be lost, can not fall on the link, to ensure that all kinds of basic data accurately. Actively and steadily, explore solutions to research problems and channels. The main problems existing in the preparation and management of the organization, including the correct understanding, positive and active, serious and responsible, put forward the solution to the problem and make rectification. three should be carefully organized to ensure the successful completion of the work of the organization verification. strengthen leadership, coordination, strengthen propaganda and sense of responsibility. The spirit of seeking truth from facts and serious and responsible attitude to the cause, in strict accordance with the inspection standards, one by one to verify the information data, clear base, the situation is clear, accurate and corresponding accounts.

county Party Committee Organization Department Minister Comrade Zhou Haichun made a concluding statement: is a attaches great importance to the establishment of the verification work, a profound understanding of the importance of institutions to carry out the preparation of verification work, the real thinking and action with the spirit of the meeting of unity, enhance the importance of the verification work organization the necessity and urgency of understanding and to provide ideological guarantee for the institutions of the verification work, earnestly carry out the task. two is to maintain good precision;

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